January 14, 2020

Global Ticketing Leader AudienceView Transforms Brand to Reflect Company’s Evolution

AudienceView is thrilled to unveil a spectacular brand transformation, reflecting its evolution as a global leader in both technology and consumer experiences for live events.

The New AudienceView: Making Live Events Discovered, Attended and Remembered

TORONTO, Ontario – January 14, 2020 –  AudienceView is thrilled to unveil a spectacular brand transformation, reflecting its evolution as a global leader in both technology and consumer experiences for live events.

After serving the industry for more than two decades, the company has established itself as bigger, better and bolder. Emerging from a heritage of powering several hundred of the world’s largest entertainment organizations behind the scenes, the sheer size, reach and influence of the new AudienceView is impossible to ignore.

With such significant growth, AudienceView’s new brand promise pledges to remain true to its Canadian roots while harnessing its incredible impact as one of the industry’s largest providers. “So much has changed over the past few years as AudienceView saw organic growth and also became a bold, trailblazing consolidator, acquiring products and apps that live events professionals are leveraging to elevate their businesses. Our evolved vision led to a reorganization of all these AudienceView-owned assets, combining together disparate ticketing brands under a single value proposition and a commitment to draw from the personal connections that our previous brands have developed with our clients,” says Mark Fowlie, CEO of AudienceView.

Today, AudienceView fuels a staggering number of events, organizations, consumers and transactions through a combination of comprehensive software and consumer experiences. By the numbers, the company boasts more than 4,500 clients of all shapes and sizes around the world, across various genres and is responsible for creating experiences throughout the entire customer journey in live events.. These organizations operate 9,000 venues, host over 110-million attendees each year and process over $3-billion in annual ticketing and fundraising transactions.

“AudienceView never stops innovating new ways to make our clients’ businesses run better by accomplishing what others can’t,” adds Fowlie. “By combining our robust ticketing platforms that our clients love with consumer content and communities that continuously introduce new attendees to our clients’ events, we are the single and essential partner that organizations need to help audiences discover, attend and remember live events.”

The company’s new logo is a stylistic representation of two spotlights, united together to showcase the A and V in AudienceView. It represents the connection that everyone at AudienceView has with the company’s clients, their attendees, their staff and their performers – as everyone gathers together, united under the lights, to celebrate our community, our industry and a shared passion for live events.

AudienceView’s powerful ecosystem includes multiple all-in-one ticketing platforms that serve various markets and genres across live events. In support of its brand transformation, the company has aligned its family of software solutions to target specific business needs:

  • AudienceView Professional (formerly OvationTix) is the ticketing, marketing and fundraising platform that gives you a simply better way to manage live events.
  • AudienceView Unlimited (formerly AudienceView) is the only premium ticketing, marketing and fundraising platform you can trust that lets you control your live events and consumer relationships, without limits.
  • AudienceView Campus (formerly UTIX) is the only ticketing solution built exclusively for the higher education market, helping all campus events run smoothly by passing every test thrown at it.
  • AudienceView Grad (formerly UGRAD) is for commencement event leaders looking to improve and control their event effortlessly and is the only end-to-end ticketing solution of its kind that succeeds without fail.
  • AudienceView Select (formerly Vendini) is built with general admission events in mind and has evolved over time to meet the specialized needs of live music venues, festivals and nightlife.

“Creating passion is our passion. There is always going to be a need to attract and convert people to attend a show or an event and in our hearts and minds, we know we have something unique and special to offer,” says Mike Evenson, Chief Marketing Officer for AudienceView. “We exist to ignite passion for entertainment of all types around the world and impact how live events professionals are creating success for their organizations. Nothing digital or virtual can replace the shared experience of being there and in the moment, so our brand transformation really is about turning acceptable events into unforgettable events while creating memories that last a lifetime.”

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About AudienceView

AudienceView believes in the power of live events and its purpose is to ignite that passion in people around the world. As the essential partner to get live events discovered, attended and remembered, we serve the entire industry, regardless of genre or size, and help our clients sell more tickets every single day. Through an unmatched set of solutions that includes innovative technology, popular consumer brands and a unique engagement model, we support 9,000+ venues, process over $3 billion in ticketing and fundraising transactions and sell over 110-million tickets each year.

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