A New AudienceView – Bigger. Better. Bolder.

AudienceView has been serving the live events industry for 20 years now. While that may seem like a long time, it’s barely a blip when looking at the history of live events, which dates back to the Ancient Greek and Roman years when disks of clay were used to assign seats at venues such as the Roman Colosseum. So actually, we’re kind of young at this ticketing thing.

AudienceView has been serving the live events industry for 20+ years now. 

While that may seem like a long time, it’s barely a blip when looking at the history of live events, which dates back to the Ancient Greek and Roman years when disks of clay were used to assign seats at venues such as the Roman Colosseum. 

So actually, we’re kind of young at this ticketing thing.

With that said, AudienceView has grown and evolved over the past two decades, with a significant amount of that change occurring in the past few years. 

Through both organic growth and strategic acquisitions, we have been building up to something significant in the live events space. 

Just a few years ago, we were a quiet, Canadian-born company that helped hundreds of live event organizations behind the scenes.  

These roots tell us to stay humble. 

But we’ve grown. A lot. 

We now help live event organizations of all shapes and sizes around the world, across various live event genres and throughout the entire consumer journey. 

Today, AudienceView fuels a staggering number of events, consumers, transactions and organizations through a combination of comprehensive software and consumer experiences. 

With more than 4,500 clients across 9,000 venues that host over 110-million people at live events each year, AudienceView has become one of the largest providers in the industry. 

We’ve become huge.

Why Now?

As our growth ratcheted up in 2019, our company recognized that we needed to reorganize our brands to align with our evolved vision and brand promise for the industry. 

No longer could we be a series of disparate ticketing brands and separate consumer experiences. 

So, we made a decision to rebrand the company.

While rebranding presents a number of challenges, one of our primary goals was to merge our company roots and values with our size and strength. 

Essentially, to figure out how to balance being humble and huge.

Our Process

We’ll make this part brief. 

For those that want to know more about the full rebranding process, we’ve written about that here: The Evolution of the AudienceView Brand.

But in summary, it was after the addition of UniversityTickets that our company kicked off a corporate rebranding process in earnest. 

We knew that our evolving strategy needed a fresh and consolidated brand to help bring our vision to life. 

Throughout the entire process, we kept our brand purpose, vision and promise in our sights.

And we didn’t stray from the commitment we’ve always had to be a willing and able partner for our clients – and to help them create successful live events for their respective communities.

Our Purpose

Any brand starts with purpose. 

Throughout the flurry of the past few years of our growth, AudienceView’s purpose has remained the same and it aligned so well with the companies and products we acquired along the way. 

Events are at the core of what we do. 

The people we support span the entire live event ecosystem – from venues to producers, consumers to performers. 

Our purpose is clear: AudienceView exists to ignite a passion for live events around the world. We think it’s self-explanatory, but let us explain a bit more why this fuels AudienceView in everything we do. 

From the day each of our brands were founded, they all shared a similar purpose to serve the live events industry. While marching separately towards this goal, the common theme across our brands was the desire to make live events discovered, attended and remembered. 

In a world that has rapidly moved into digital and virtual experiences, live events are under attack. But nothing digital or virtual will ever replace the energy produced by a live event. 

The shared experiences we all feel while we’re there create a bond that is simply different than anything you can find on a screen or social media channel. 

It’s this feeling that we are hellbent on preserving.

So that’s our why. Igniting a passion for live events around the world fuels everything we do at AudienceView. 

Creating passion is our passion.

Our Vision

Passion alone, however, won’t get the job done. 

We needed an evolved vision to support our purpose and act as a North Star for our stakeholders – our clients, our consumers and our company – to rally around how we plan to reignite passion for live events.

As we put the puzzle pieces together, it became clear that we see the relationship a consumer has with an event as a continuum with three distinct stages.

And AudienceView has an integral role to play in each stage.


One of the biggest challenges live events face in this crowded space, which is constantly fighting for consumer attention, is basic discovery. 

Too often, people don’t really know what events are available around them. 

We recognize that event discovery is critical. 

We also see the role that AudienceView can and does play in improving the event discovery process.


Once an event is discovered, the next phase shifts towards convincing someone to attend as well as everything that is involved in leading up to the event and the event experience itself. 

The fascinating part about this phase, at least for us, is how different the length is for different event attendees. 

Some people discover and decide to attend an event months, maybe even years, ahead of time. 

For others, the discovery and decision happens literally minutes before the event begins. 

Then there’s everything in between. 

Understanding and improving this phase has our teams extremely excited about what we can do for our clients and consumers.


The third and final phase we’ve clarified our vision around is all post-event activities and experiences that draw upon the passion and memories created from attending an event. 

We consider this the “forgotten phase” of the live-event continuum and have a vision to incorporate it in bigger and better ways. 

It’s the memories and experiences that are drawn upon when people decide what live events they will attend next, if any. 

We see the need and opportunity to lean into this.

These three phases represent our live-event continuum, and they form our vision of how AudienceView can help. 

We are the essential partner to get your live events discovered, attended and remembered. 

And we’re just looking for live event partners who are looking for us.

Our Difference

So how do we execute this vision? 

We understand we are not the ones who produce these magical live events. 

But we do feel that we play a critical role in the experience in a number of different ways. 

In our hearts and minds, we know we have something unique and special to bring to the live events industry. 

Our difference starts with our product portfolio, which is robust and can serve the needs of the entire marketplace. 

No matter how complex or simple an organization’s ticketing needs are, we have a solution to match. 

This makes us unique and differentiated.

In addition, our industry content and communities have millions of passionate followers that love live events. 

Using our communities to help raise awareness for our clients’ events sets us apart. 

We shine a light on events, which draws people to live events every single day. 

When you partner with AudienceView, plugging into these communities immediately benefits your organization and makes discovering your events easier than ever. 

So partnering with AudienceView literally grows your marketing team overnight.

Speaking of partners, that’s how our client relationships work too. 

We understand how live events flow – from start to finish – and everything that comes with building a community of subscribers, donors and followers for your organization. 

AudienceView has experts in ticketing, fundraising, marketing and analytics to help you understand how our products and services can help you achieve your goals. 

We also have a team of client success managers who are seasoned in your industry – performing arts, higher ed, music, festivals, sports and more – to help understand and execute on your annual plans. 

The amazing people that work for AudienceView are invested in your success.

Finally, our size allows AudienceView to build and share industry insights that help you make decisions. 

We compile and share relevant trends and metrics that can be used to shape the planning and execution of your seasons, from when to put tickets on sale to how to market specific shows and events that come to your venue. 

We present benchmarks that keep you and your team on top of your performance.

Our Promise

The benefits listed above are just a few of the ways AudienceView helps our clients gain a competitive advantage that is desperately needed to remain relevant to consumers. 

It’s this reason that we are looking for live event professionals around the world who are looking to elevate their businesses. 

We are that essential partner that helps deliver live events more successfully and with greater ease.

Through it all, we will be there with you at each step. 

We pledge to be reliable. This means you can trust that our ticketing solutions will perform when you need them. 

We intend to never let you down. 

We pledge to be creative. Your industry and your organization require new and interesting methods to drive your success. 

We will consistently bring ideas and innovation into your organization. 

Finally, we pledge to be bold. 

While always humble, AudienceView has always pushed the boundaries of our industry. 

We will continue to do so and promise to be that trusted partner who pushes your limits, all in support of making your events and your organization more successful.

Our Future

So with a new decade begins a new chapter for AudienceView. 

Humble and huge, we have designed our brand in service of the industry we jump out of bed each day to serve. 

Our clients, our consumers and our company share a passion for live events and we will never stop working to keep the passion ignited. 

This is our promise to you. 

Let’s dig in.