The Evolution of the AudienceView Brand

Our new visual representation – two stylized spotlights, bent together to represent the A and V of AudienceView – represents our inextricable connection with our clients, their communities and so much more.

If you’ve landed on this story, you’ve likely seen the press release about our rebrand and the new AudienceView logo.

We love it and everything that it represents – both for our company and the entire live events industry.

Close your eyes and remember the last show or game that you worked on or attended.

While we all feel something different, when we are in a theater or at a concert, game or any other live event, we are united as a community under the lights.

The lights shine brightly on attendees, venue staff, performers, artists and athletes who have come together to celebrate a shared passion.

Our new visual representation – two stylized spotlights, bent together to represent the A and V of AudienceView – represents our inextricable connection with our clients, their communities and so much more.

Indeed, AudienceView is now bigger, better and bolder.

Humble Beginnings

A logo is so much more than a graphic. And a brand is so much more than a company name and logo.

Both are incredibly important – and getting them right is arguably as difficult as naming a child.

Case in point, the AudienceView Unlimited product that you love and trust today was born in Canada almost two decades ago.

Back then, our founders named it – and our company – Avista.

If you don’t remember this part of AudienceView’s heritage, perhaps you’ll recall when we became AudienceView Ticketing, then simply AudienceView.

This early evolution saw us move away from our first name. We were reborn as AudienceView Ticketing with a visual representation of the ever-important seat map, but always with the customer at the center of our value proposition. 

Later, we dropped “ticketing” from our name because we’d always offered so much more. 

The next refresh of our brand showcased the single shopping cart experience that consumers had come to love. After all, with AudienceView, they had always been buying tickets and associated items – like merchandise, parking, pre-show meals and more –  together in the same transaction.

Transformational Change

Like many families, we’ve changed and grown so much from our early days.

Especially since 2017, when AudienceView began its transformation from an organization with a single brand/product into a true powerhouse in the ticketing and live events industry. 

Our transformation would see us change how we work with our clients and bring together a portfolio of solutions – seven products, five consumer brands and 11 apps.

We went from disparate ticketing brands and attendee experiences to a new and unified client value proposition that is unmatched in the industry.

Here’s how we did it.

Starting from Scratch

When we committed to a rebranding exercise, we decided our best foot forward was to go back to a blank page. 

We started, of course, with our clients and users – conducting surveys and interviews and diving deeply into their needs.

It was important to understand how AudienceView and its portfolio were helping to meet individual business goals and solve industry (and organizational) pain points.

Everything was on the table – including changing our company name. 

When we consolidated our research and laid out our brand promise, the central theme for us and our clients was clear: undeniable passion for live events

But live events are nothing without an audience – and our mission as a company is to help audiences discover, attend and remember live events.

Our products empower organizations, venues, educational institutions, presenters, producers and more to do this in ways that no other solutions can. 

Our shared view is on the audience, so we decided against a name change.

Visual Representation of Our Brand Promise

But we did decide to bring together our products under our compelling new logo and message.

OvationTix is now AudienceView Professional, a simply better way to manage live events.

The AudienceView platform is AudienceView Unlimited, premium live event ticketing, without limits. 

UTIX becomes AudienceView Campus, the only higher education ticketing solution built to pass every test.

Vendini is rebranded as AudienceView Select, meeting the specialized needs of live music venues, festivals and nightlife.

UGRAD is now AudienceView Grad, commencement event ticketing that succeeds without fail.

Together with our Extended Services and Consumer Engagement offerings, AudienceView is the essential partner that helps organizations deliver live events more successfully and with greater ease.

We’re excited to continue bringing our new brand to life.

As you’ll see from our website to our offices, we’re having so much fun with our new colors and bringing the spotlight motif to life.

Our Future is Bright

A quote from Tim Robbins as he was being interviewed on a podcast – precipitously, right in the middle of our branding project – has stuck with us all:

What we do in [live events], is that we’re able to assemble a temporary community, for the night, people from all over, people with different points of view, and they sit in a dark room and we are able to go on a journey with them. At the end of which they have experienced laughter, sadness; they’ve experienced emotion together that unifies them in a way that is so unique and so special. 

It’s one of the last places on earth that we can ask a group of people to ‘please turn off your cell phones’ and they’ll actually do it. And they’ll be able to go to this reflective place, and develop for this temporary moment a community so that they can feel they’re not alone.”

We look forward to joining you and our entire industry as we unite under the lights.