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AudienceView has modernized client support. In the past, you’d need to call your software provider, maybe book an appointment, and have someone walk you through step by step. You were completely dependent on a person and not able to solve your own challenges on your own time.

We’ve made it easy for you to find the answers you need, when you need them,
at your fingertips.


Behind the scenes

To better serve clients like you, AudienceView has put together a team of both industry and tech experts to work behind the scenes to ensure you are seeing the best results with AudienceView, making sure you have the answers on hand. So, rather than just one client success manager, you have a team proactively looking after your success.
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Responsive support and continuous training are critical to your success and growth

Learn more about our commitment to your success directly from our leaders.

With over 20 years supporting live event organizations, AudienceView understands everything that goes into running successful events. With over 80% of our client facing employees having worked at a live event organization or venue, our team is supremely qualified to help. Over 92% of clients are happy with AudienceView’s support.

While we all have visions of the perfect event, we also know that things don’t always go as planned. That’s why we’ve built our entire success and support approach around you and your needs.

Our team is here for you

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Get support and best practices when you need it

Increased access to a wide pool of subject matter experts who understand what you are looking for

2021-AudienceView-Iconography_Professional_Boost Sales

Drive incremental value to your business 

Get guidance based on data and trends we’re seeing daily across your industry

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Comprehensive online training courses and on-demand videos

Unlimited access to focused and structured learning opportunities including webinars and online discussion boards with like-minded professionals


Strategic and targeted support at every step 

Engage in strategic conversations
to support the long-term success
of your business, not just the
day-to-day issues 

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Client Communities

Login to our client communities to access support, our knowledge base, discussion forums, product guides and so much more


AudienceView Professional

(formerly OvationTix)


AudienceView Unlimited

(formerly AudienceView)


AudienceView Campus

(formerly UTIX)

FAQs: You have questions, we have answers

If you have any questions about our organization and how
we support our clients — you’re in the right place

What happens after I sign a contract with AudienceView?

After after signing, your assigned project manager and onboarding team immediately connect with your team to review timelines, migration strategies from your old ticketing system, and the training and education programs we’ve developed to ensure your team leverages your chosen AudienceView software to its fullest potential.

Your project manager will continue to work with you beyond your go-live date ensuring a thorough understanding of your organization’s milestones and key events critical to a successful first year of adoption.

You will immediately gain access to our extensive knowledge base consisting of articles, training videos and our popular Ask an Expert monthly webinar series. All of our online training courses and on-demand videos remain available to you for the duration of our relationship, in addition to access to our team of industry experts who will proactively engage with you and your team on industry best practices and insights.

Do you have any best practice recommendations for using the system?

Yes, absolutely. We love sharing our best practices and the unique and innovative ways our clients are using the system, we host monthly webinars for each product that you can join live or watch on demand at your convenience. You can also search for articles tagged as 💡“Tips and Tricks” in our knowledge base which walk you through specific use cases and business solutions.

You can also open a case or book a meeting with our dedicated team of solution experts who will consult with you on your goals and the best way to accomplish them in our system.

What if I watched the training and I still need answers?

Our on-demand training is designed to help you understand the basics of your system and get started using new features. We understand that this is just a first step and you will likely have additional questions specific to your business.

You can ask additional questions in a variety of ways based on your preference:

1. Join a live ‘Ask an Expert’ webinar which we host regularly for each product. These are
valuable if you also want to hear what your peers in the industry are asking. We find our
clients love talking to and hearing from each other!

2. Ask your question in our online community which is filled with other clients and our
AudienceView staff. You can also browse previous questions and responses here and may
find an answer to your question.

3. Open a case or book a meeting with us. We’re happy to discuss your questions directly
with you to ensure you have the best experience using the system and its features.

Where do I go when I need help?

Whether it’s a product feature that you haven’t used before or something you need a refresher on, you’ll need our help from time to time. We recommend that you first review the related online knowledge articles, best practice documents and training videos. We also recommend that you attend our Ask an Expert webinar and suggest that you pre-submit your topic and questions ahead of time.

If you need additional help, you can request a meeting with a solution expert via our Learning Portal. Based on your question, we will assign the appropriate solution expert who will be able to help you.

If you need help because you encountered an issue with the ticketing system, you should log a support ticket on our Learning Portal. A member of our team will review the issue and respond within a timely manner.

If it is an emergency issue, you should log a Priority 1 (emergency) ticket. AudienceView provides frequent updates on our system status pages in the event of an outage or when there are known issues impacting our clients. You can subscribe to your relevant status page to receive email or text updates when we make any updates.

Can I speak with your team on the phone?

You can! We offer phone support for after-hours emergencies, and you can book a meeting with our team during business hours for any other question or case follow-ups. This process ensures you get the most value out of your time with us by allowing us time to review and prepare for the discussion.

To talk to an expert, log into the Learning Portal, click “Support” on the top of the page and book a call to get in touch with the team.

Do I have a dedicated point of contact?

We have a team of Client Success Managers with a diverse set of skills and a wide range of knowledge and experience who you can connect with and advise on your questions.

We’ll route your inquiry to the subject matter expert best suited to your question so that you receive answers and advice quickly and efficiently. Simply submit a request in our Learning Portal and our team will respond and connect to discuss your questions.

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