Which Event Ticketing System is Best for Your Organization?  

Whether you’re a seasoned event promoter or just getting started in the live events scene, the event ticketing system you choose will play a pivotal role in determining the success of your brand. The right solution has the potential to streamline your operations, elevate attendee experiences, and amplify your brand’s visibility. 

In this guide, you’ll learn: Why live event promoters need ticketing software to stay competitive in today’s dynamic landscape, the difference between ticketing software and CRM systems, and how to get more for your investment by selecting a all-in-one event ticketing software that aligns with your brand’s goals. 

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Why Do Live Event Promoters & Organizations Need Ticketing Software? 

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, ticketing platforms are not just an accessory; it’s a necessity for live event promoters and organizations. As a central event management hub, this versatile tool caters to various departments and processes. Here are some key reasons why integrating a robust ticketing software solution has become imperative for the success of events, big or small. 

Streamlines Event Logistics 

From orchestrating seating arrangements to managing ticket inventory, smart ticketing software simplifies the complexities of event planning. Additionally, it meets customer preferences and ensures a smooth experience through features like digital tickets, event agendas, and more custom features.  

Creates a Seamless Purchasing Process 

A robust ticketing system allows customers to easily browse available options, select preferred seats, and complete their transactions with minimal effort. For non-profit organizations, ticketing software can also incorporate donation options all within one experience. 

Sells More Than Just Tickets 

Many modern events offer opportunities for additional purchases, such as event merchandise, VIP packages, and exclusive access passes. Ticketing software enables these transactions while simultaneously gathering valuable data on attendee preferences and purchasing behavior. This data becomes the foundation for transforming one-time buyers into loyal patrons. 

Enhances Your Brand Affinity 

Branding shouldn’t be limited to the event itself. Consistent branding across pre-event interactions, the event itself, and post-event follow-ups cultivate trust and affinity. Your ticketing software should be easily customizable to keep things nice and cohesive.  

Is an Event Ticketing System the Same as a CRM? 

After reading the above, you may have noticed that today’s best event ticketing systems share some similarities with Customer Relationship Management tools. While event ticketing systems and CRMs have some things in common, their primary functions differ. In short, a CRM is for marketing, and ticketing software is for transactions.  

CRMs manage customer interactions and provide insights to improve marketing, sales, and customer service. They are designed for ongoing relationship management across various interactions, making them great for targeted marketing campaigns, tracking customer engagement, and nurturing leads. 

An event ticketing system, on the other hand, handles the transactional aspects of ticket sales. It strongly emphasizes the user experience during the purchase process, streamlining event logistics and providing attendee data at a lower level. While a CRM is for long-term relationship management, ticketing systems are more event-centric and are crucial in ensuring a smooth experience. 

AudienceView’s event ticketing software, AudienceView Professional, offers the best of both worlds by blending the capabilities of state-of-the-art ticketing software with those of a powerful CRM. AudienceView Professional aligns with various goals and objectives across different departments, serving as an all-in-one solution that also collects valuable insights. This unique software is a smart choice for brands looking to easily manage and elevate the performances of multiple departments, such as ticketing, marketing, and fundraising–all from a single interface. 

5 Essential Features of the Best Event Ticketing Systems 

  1. User-Friendly Interface 

The journey from browsing to purchasing should be intuitive. Opt for software that creates an inclusive experience that is simple, effective, and allows you to incorporate your brand’s colors and logos. 

  1. Ongoing Support 

Look for easy onboarding and self-guided training that allows you to start implementing right away. Also, be sure your software of choice is there for the long haul. Look for brands that offer personalized customer support and technical assistance for event organizers. 

  1. More Than Ticket Sales 

Most growing live event organizations are not just selling single tickets. Donations, flexible & fixed ticket packages, and merchandise are all important revenue streams that AudienceView Professional enables through a focus on your success, rather than just your ticket sales. 

  1. Wholistic Data Collection 

Data serves as the foundation for informed decisions. Choosing software with the data-collecting capabilities of a traditional CRM gives you more bang for your buck. Understand each demographic and generation’s unique preferences to expand your reach across different audiences of different technical abilities and preferences. 

  1. High Value 

With a significant investment like this, it’s essential to consider your ROI. The software’s pricing model should align with your organization’s distinctive needs. While some platforms may offer basic ticket sales at a lower cost, others enhance revenue through integrated analytics and marketing tools. 

AudienceView Professional: Standing Out in the Crowd 

In the realm of live events, the choice of your ticketing system is more than transactional. It’s transformative. As an all-in-one solution for event planners, AudienceView Professional redefines the event management landscape by combining advanced ticketing software capabilities with CRM functionalities. 

Whether you’re orchestrating a high-profile sporting event, a box office for a concert or play, or a multifaceted non-profit fundraiser, AudienceView Professional empowers you to sell more tickets and establish deeper connections with customers beyond the event’s lifecycle. 

The right software streamlines operations, maximizes revenue and forges lasting relationships.