Run sales & registrations without crashes or bots. Control traffic with Queue-it to deliver a fair online experience and get peace of mind on your mission-critical days.

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AudienceView Campus, AudienceView Unlimited


Queue-it empowers the world’s biggest brands to deliver on their busiest days. The virtual waiting room lets you control online traffic in high-demand situations to deliver superior experiences and treat visitors fairly.

  • Seamless User Experience: Protect your reputation and create a seamless, branded experience for high-demand sales. Put visitors in a fair first-in, first-out line, harness queue psychology, and tap into social proof.
  • Admin Control & Analytics: Control is at your fingertips with GO Queue-it, our web-based admin platform. Configure waiting room settings, monitor real-time traffic, and get data-driven insights into future sales.
  • Bot & Abuse Protection: Serve your genuine customers, not bots. Validate visitors using reCAPTCHA or Queue-it’s innovative Proof-of-Work challenge and verify that visitors have come from the queue.