Cultivating Community: Strategic Storytelling for Live Events Venues

with Julie Fiore

12:00 pm ET
July 17, 2024


In today’s competitive landscape, the ability to create a compelling narrative is more crucial than ever. Julie Fiore, with her extensive experience across various creative roles—from Founder & Artistic Director at One Ounce Opera to Creative Director at Zanate Ventures—will share her expert strategies and actionable insights on how venues can utilize storytelling to cultivate a deep sense of community and connection among audiences.

Key Takeaways:
• Understanding the Power of Narrative: Learn how to harness storytelling to resonate with diverse audiences.
• Strategies for Engagement: Discover techniques to engage and retain audiences.
• Building a Community: Gain insights on how to foster a community that supports and grows with your venue.

About Julie:
As a seasoned creative strategist and communicator, Julie Fiore excels in fostering connections and building communities through innovative storytelling. With a diverse background that spans across strategic marketing, production, and creative direction, Julie’s career is highlighted by her exceptional ability to engage audiences and amplify narratives.

Julie’s expertise in program management, stage direction, voice building, content creation, and copywriting has helped her deliver impactful results for her clients. Her curiosity not only fuels her creative approach but also drives her to excel in various dynamic roles—whether it’s telling an organization’s story, crafting strategic plans for rebrands, coordinating production schedules, or launching robust content strategies.