Taking Pressure Off the Box Office with Spotlight 

You know the scene, it’s 30 minutes until the curtain goes up, the first pitch is thrown, or the special guest hits the stage and there is still a huge line at your box office. Countless eventgoers are lined up at will-call, scrambling to find misplaced tickets or searching through email inboxes that are “not loading” . . . Not to mention everyone looking to purchase “four seats together at the front” … the pressure is officially on for the box office staff.  

With clients in every space from sports to theater, live music to attractions, museums and beyond, we understand the unique challenges that every ticket seller, sales office, and box office faces. 

Enter the solution: Spotlight, your consumer-facing white label app, which makes getting “butts in seats” a breeze for your box office staff and your excited attendees.  

The “We’ll get tickets at the door” Fan… 

According to our data, of over 1,200 live-event organizations, these fans make up 20% of eventgoers. With 20% of attendees purchasing their tickets at the gate, in a venue that holds 5,000 attendees that means a potential 1,000 patrons interacting with your ticketing staff directly. Maybe some will come to the box office in the days leading, but if even half of visit your box office on event day, that’s still 500 people needing assistance. At an average of 3 minutes person, you are looking at 25 hours of customer service needs divided amongst your staff just for those trying to make ticket purchases alone! 

Based on averages from thousands of clients, we know that roughly 60% of ticket purchases are now happening on mobile devices. That means 300 of those fans (or 15 hours of assistance) are removed from the in-person, box office flow on the day of the event. That’s just one of the many ways Spotlight can alleviate some of that pressure off your staff. 

The “I can’t find my ticket; can’t you just look it up?” Eventgoer… 

Among our clients using Spotlight, 66% of their tickets, are being delivered directly to consumers mobile devices, through the app. This means at least a 2/3 reduction in those attendees who  

  1. Need to visit the box office to pick-up Will-Call tickets  
  1. Have misplaced their paper tickets on their way to your venue and need to be reprinted 
  1. Can’t see to find their tickets in their email inbox at all.  

Many Spotlight clients have opted to have the white-label mobile-app as their only delivery method – meaning these numbers are reduced to 100%!  

The “Oh my god these are for yesterday” Person… 

With custom push notification schedules for promotions, event reminders, and more your venue can almost eliminate those “Oh no – I missed my event” moments. Having the ability to connect with your patrons through their mobile device, is a priceless tool for not only event reminders, but for digital marketing initiatives, loyalty programs, food and beverage upgrades and more.  

The “My friend has my ticket!” Attendee…  

Maybe they went to the wrong gate, maybe they went in already because they had to pee, but somewhere along the line – this attendee’s friend left them hanging. Enter Spotlight’s in-app ticket sharing capabilities. This year we are working on making ticket sharing in the app even easier so that friends are already inside the venue, can easily transfer tickets to the late arrivers of the group.   

Ticketing sharing also solves another dilemma your Box Office faces daily, the Ghost Customer. We know only 30% of tickets sold end up being attached to a patron record, due to many reasons like guest checkouts, ticket transfers, and printed tickets. That leaves the vast majority of event attendees unknown to your box office as well as your marketing team. When a ticket is shared in Spotlight the receiver is prompted to download the app and accept their tickets, creating one more named patron in your database. Spotlight isn’t just about data capture though; our current Spotlight clients are experiencing an increased revenue of $4-5 on tickets to future events. This means more money for your venue and your hardworking staff.  

The “What do you mean this isn’t a real ticket” Patron… 

With the mention of ticket sharing, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the growing epidemic of fraud and fake tickets. Of course, this greatly impacts your Box Office team, but most importantly – it devastates attendees at your event. Imagine having looked forward to the event for weeks, spent money on tickets, accommodations and transportation…only to be told you’re not getting in. Spotlight is your front line deterrent and defense – with powerful fraud prevention features including secure ticket delivery, restricted barcodes, and delayed delivery. This means you can configure ticket barcodes to deliver closer to your event start time (one day before, one hour before, you choose) reducing the chance of fraud. Learn more about fraud in the live-event industry, and how your organization can best defend against it. 

The pressure on your ticketing staff can be lightened immensely – with Spotlight, you can shorten those lines at your ticket office for in-person customer service, find out more about the customers in your venue’s seats and help expand your fraud prevention all at once.  

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