How An Efficient Box Office Drives Success  

An effective box office is vital to nearly every live-event organization. It’s the hub for handling ticket sales, attendee interactions, patron data tagging and more. In short, it’s essential for a smooth experience for both your patrons and staff. Disorganization and software limitations in the box office can lead to long lines, frustrated patrons, and overworked staff. They also prevent you from unlocking valuable insights about your audience.  

That’s why we’re going to explore three key areas where an efficient box office can drive success in live-event organizations and how AudienceView Professional enables your box office success in each area. AudienceView Professional clients run best-in-class box offices by building loyalty with attendees, saving box office staff valuable time, and taking advantage of valuable data to grow faster.  

Build Loyalty by Elevating the Patron Experience

No one enjoys waiting in lines, especially when the excitement for an event is building. A 2022 Fan Experience Report revealed that 85% of attendees consider a quick and easy process crucial to a positive experience. An efficient box office ensures that they have a seamless journey, from ticket purchase to entry, leaving attendees feeling valued and ready to enjoy the show. This increased attendee satisfaction can lead to potentially higher repeat attendance, fostering a stronger connection with your audience.  It’s important to prioritize building loyalty as part of running an efficient box office. You not only empower your patrons but also lay the foundation for long-term success. 

Satisfied and Supported Staff for Organizational Success

Your box office staff are the bridge between your organization and your patrons. Their experience directly impacts the patron experience. An efficient system empowers your team by streamlining tasks, allowing them to deliver exceptional, personalized service. This fosters a positive and engaging work environment, leading to reduced training costs and a team dedicated to exceeding patron expectations. 

Investing in your staff is an investment in service excellence. Studies reveal significant time spent on outdated tasks, hindering employee productivity.   A modern box office system addresses these challenges, boosting efficiency and empowering your team to focus on building lasting connections with your patrons. It will also play a major role in your staff being able to sell all sorts of items to patrons such as merchandise, subscriptions, and more. 

Utilizing Data as the Industry Changes

It’s no surprise that the industry is constantly evolving, and audience preferences shift with it. Detailed, organized, and easily analyzed data allows for a deeper understanding of your audience’s interests, ticket purchasing habits, demographics, and more. Utilizing this allows for informed decision making that can be applied towards marketing strategies or even pricing strategies to better meet market demands and maximize the success of your box office offerings. As your organization’s front-line, box office staff can capture detailed attendee data when selling a ticket, report on things like sales and remaining capacity in real-time, and provide personalized experiences based on attendee profile details. But to do that – your box office staff need to be able to view, capture, and action data instantly.

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How the right ticketing software can make your box office more efficient  

Now that we’ve established how an effective box office platform can unlock growth opportunities and how limited, cumbersome box office solutions can hinder your success – you’re probably wondering “What should a best-in-class box office platform be able to do to delight attendees, unburden staff, and leverage data?”

Well, let’s have a look below!  

Redeem Flex Passes like a Pro:

Utilize efficient tools to swiftly redeem flex passes at the box office and apply them to the perfect seats, ensuring your valued subscribers have the flexibility they need.  

Become the Expert at Patron Profiles:

Effortlessly create or edit patron profiles on the fly, building household accounts for and creating custom tags in seconds to capture patron details without missing a beat. 

Create a One-Stop Shop:

Sell tickets, packages, donations, and merch all at once. Making the walk-up experience quick, easy, and leaving patrons more open to last minute add-ons. 

Deliver Tickets Your Way:

Have the flexibility to print off hard-coded tickets immediately at the box office or deliver digital pdf eTickets your attendees can pull up on their phone or even print off at home.

Instant Discounting:

Easily apply any discount or promotional codes and process comp tickets in seconds. 

Scan-In Hardware Flexibility:

Bring your own hardware, rent the industry’s best hardware from us, or keep it simple and scan attendees from mobile devices with our Android and iOS scanning apps.

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A streamlined and efficient box office lays the foundation for organizations that effectively adapt to changing landscapes. Empowered staff, satisfied patrons, and data driven decisions all work hand in hand to strengthen your competitive edge and provide you with the best results. 

AudienceView Professional enables clients to run efficient box offices using all the methods discussed above. With product functionalities that enable you to create seamless journeys that satisfy your patrons like custom tagging and features within the software that allow your staff to sell multiple items at once. Your box office can reach new heights using our dedicated box office platform, QuickSell+

Client Examples

Reinhardt University joined AudienceView Professional. Since then, they have:

Improved Online Ticket Sales

  • After adoption, 60% of ticket sales now take place online freeing up staff time and improving operations. As opposed to the time consuming option of taking orders over the phone

Experienced Ease of Use

  • Jessica Akers mentions that the AudienceView platform is easy to navigate, allowing volunteers to step in and assist in the box office with minimal training. This ease of use ensures that transactions are handled correctly and efficiently.

Reduced Inquiry Calls

  • Reinhardt University now utilizes website customizations with ease on AudienceView’s platform. This has enabled their team to add more information to their site, reducing patron questions and phone inquiries.

The Clocktower Cabaret adopted AudienceView Professional’s platform. Since then, they have:

Automated Operational Procedures:

  • After adoption, The Clocktower Cabaret streamlined operations and reduced manual work. Rather than continuously using spreadsheets and handwritten reservations, they switched to a more automated process. This change not only reduced concerns surrounding  inaccuracies & human errors but also cut down hours spent by staff in the box office.

Improved Their Online Presence:

  • The Clocktower Cabaret utilized valuable customer insights now available as an AudienceView client. This allowed for more targeted marketing efforts, personalized promotions, and stronger client relationships.