University Ticketing Software Plays an Important Role in Athletics, Arts and Across Campus

Learn how university ticketing software from AudienceView empowers colleges and universities to streamline ticket sales for athletics, performing arts, graduation, and student activities.

Students go to college for an education and the experience of a lifetime. Student-athletes play a variety of sports across all divisions in the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA. Young people with dreams of working in theatre study in drama programs and performing arts. There is a full student life experience that complements academics, with extracurricular student activities and student events on campus.  

Attending games is also a popular student activity and important part of the overall college and university experience. Plus, we cannot forget the accomplishment of reaching commencement and graduation. 

 To power these experiences, colleges and universities need reliable university ticketing software for event ticketing. University box office ticket software includes athletics ticketing, performing arts ticketing, student activity ticketing, graduation ticketing software and commencement ticketing software. Fundraising and donor management is also critical in university ticketing because it helps boost revenue beyond selling university tickets. 

 AudienceView has a comprehensive suite of university ticketing software and university box office software. Or you can work with AudienceView to create an à la carte solution that addresses your specific needs across athletics, performing arts, student life, commencement and graduation. 

What is University Ticketing Software?

University ticketing software helps people who work in higher education sell tickets to a variety of events on campus. You can fill more seats and sell college athletics tickets, so you might offer college football tickets, college basketball tickets and more.  

 A university ticketing solution can also be the software you use to sell performing arts tickets to see events like plays and musicals, or tickets to any other events on your college campus or university campus, like student activity tickets, graduation ticketing and commencement ticketing.  

Event tickets can be sold at the university box office and you can sell tickets online. The university tickets you sell can be bundled with donations for integrated fundraising and donor management. You can offer the ability for students and fans to transact through a single account, so in addition to university ticketing and making donations, they can purchase merchandise, renew season tickets, prepurchase concessions (presale concessions) or buy anything else that you choose to bundle with your university ticketing experience. University box office software can also power registrations for special events, dinners, fundraisers and camps. Your school decides what it needs, then how to configure its university box office ticket software and university ticketing – and AudienceView is there to help at every step of the journey. 

With comprehensive functionality that covers athletics ticketing, performing arts ticketing, graduation ticketing, commencement ticketing, student activity ticketing and more, university ticketing software is used by professionals who work as Athletics Directors, Executive Directors, Ticketing Directors, Fundraising Directors, Marketing Directors, Box Office Managers and more. Student ticketing staff in the college box office, college ticketing office, university box office or university ticketing office will also use your university ticketing software to sell tickets for athletics, performing arts or as a full campus ticketing software solution. 

AudienceView’s university ticketing software solutions are web-based and offer automated features and functionality including:  

  • Ticket sales, including season tickets, series, bundles, packages and flex passes 
  • Ticket fees and charges 
  • Dynamic pricing 
  • Reserved and general admission (GA) seating 
  • Loyalty points and rewards 
  • Print-at-home, e-tickets, mobile tickets 
  • Access control  
  • Timed-entry ticketing 
  • Merchandise sales  
  • Sell items and course materials 
  • Manage memberships 
  • Point-of-sale (POS) 
  • Payment processing 
  • PCI compliance 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) 
  • Fundraising and donor management 
  • Email marketing integration 
  • Social media interactivity 
  • Event reporting and analytics 
  • Custom branding  
  • Student information system integration 
  • Campus payment processing 
  • Comprehensive permission management 

Why Do Universities Need Athletic Ticket Software?

Fans want to buy athletic tickets, so higher education institutions need university ticketing software and university box office ticket software to sell tickets online and in person. 

Colleges and universities can choose single system university ticketing software like AudienceView Campus, the only complete ticketing, marketing, CRM, customer management and fundraising solution built exclusively for the higher education market. This athletic ticket software allows you to offer special prices and pre-sales to your students, faculty and staff, while offering separate ticket options to the public. It also integrates with campus ID systems to track admission, loyalty and participation. Additional features of AudienceView’s university ticketing software includes: 

  • Reserved or general admission seat configurations (GA seating) 
  • Print-at-home tickets, e-tickets, mobile tickets 
  • Access control 
  • Real-time reporting 
  • Easy event creation 
  • Dynamic POS 
  • Custom branded ticketing portal 
  • Marketing and donor management 

This university ticketing software also offers numerous integration options – from student ID validation tracking in real-time and campus payment technologies to automated report generations with campus information systems and fundraising platforms. The university box office ticket software operates how your ticketing box office operates, not the other way around. 

When it comes to packages and season tickets, university ticketing software AudienceView Campus offers the ability to integrate an unlimited number of events into uniquely branded packages with a variety of pricing mechanisms, including flex pass, percentage discounts, flat package pricing, or dollar-value discounts. 

Our dedicated university ticketing system supports online season and series renewals, including automatic seat reservations from season to season. Furthermore, AudienceView university ticketing software assists with season ticket credentials and passes, granting access control to multiple events without any paper tickets. 

The university box office can also manage loyalty points and rewards using the AudienceView Campus university ticketing software. A robust priority point management tool makes it possible to grant points based on purchase and attendance, and to deduct points for failure to attend. 

Innovation and future-proofing your business are key for athletics programs and other campus departments and programs. During the pandemic, Marist College Athletics was able to create and manage a fan cutout program in-house using AudienceView Campus. This university ticketing software was a driver of new revenue for the school. The entire Marist community loved the cutouts and they provided a better fan viewing experience for games broadcast on television too. When you have full control of your athletic ticket software, there is virtually no limit to what you can accomplish. 

Troy University is another great example of a school that uses its sports ticketing software to innovate. To ensure all fans feel welcome and involved in Trojans Football, the athletics department created a fun, educational event that instructs and inspires female fans who want to learn more about football. The annual Troy Football 101 Women’s Clinic is hosted by Troy football head coach Chip Lindsey, his wife Cecily and the Troy football staff. In addition to a Football 101 t-shirt, light snacks and drinks, participants get a behind-the-scenes look at the Troy Football program, the inside scoop on the team, the opportunity to go through on-field drills and much more. And yes, it is all powered by Troy’s university ticketing software. 

Often used by larger athletics ticket programs and larger campus clients, the university ticketing software AudienceView Unlimited offers game-changing automation, complete control over ticketing, marketing, fundraising, audience engagement and analytics, and is fully configurable. 

The 2021 Air Force Academy Summer Sports Camps leveraged these features of the AudienceView Unlimited university box office software and more. After the cancellation of the school’s 2020 summer camps due to COVID-19, the athletics department was given the green light for June 2021. Instead of going back to the same third-party platform historically used for camper registration, the athletics department ticketing team made the decision to use their core athletic ticket software to run registration for all 14 sports camps. Using the university box office software was a huge success – finally, Air Force could sell multiple camp sessions plus collect all registration data for each camp and camper in a single transaction. There were many other added benefits of using AudienceView’s athletic ticket software, including selling add-ons to increase revenue, automating price changes as early bird offers expired, plus smart targeting and intelligent marketing for future camps and ticket offers for upcoming seasons. 

Performing Arts Ticketing Software

AudienceView Campus and AudienceView Unlimited are both trusted performing arts ticketing software solutions. Just like the athletic ticketing software from AudienceView, our performing arts ticketing software and CRM platform allows for unlimited reserved and general admissions seat configurations, e-tickets, mobile tickets, timed-entry ticketing, access control, donor management, subscriptions, real-time marketing data and reporting, and more. This is all available via a custom-branded portal that retains your school’s branding, so your performing arts ticketing will always have that same look and feel.  

University ticketing software from AudienceView also transcend the arts and athletics to serve full campus activities, events and attractions. 

The ability to use custom branding and timed entry proved vital for Sarah P. Duke Gardens, an attraction that boasts 55 acres of specialized gardens and five miles of pathways on the campus of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Like many attractions in the United States, the gates to Duke Gardens were closed and locked on Friday, March 13, 2020. To safely reopen after more than a year, they enlisted the help of the Duke University Box Office team, which provides university ticketing services to the entire university. The university box office used AudienceView Unlimited to create a timed–entry ticketing system, set capacity limits, schedule reports, verify visitors and seamlessly build hundreds of events. In its initial phase, entry was limited to Duke University students, faculty and staff that completed symptom monitoring and had a Duke ID. More than 5,600 reservations were made through the university ticketing microsite. 

Graduation Ticketing Software

AudienceView Grad was created specifically to manage commencement and graduation events – safely and securely. The commencement ticketing software and graduation ticketing software makes commencement ticketing and graduation ticketing available to students and their families anytime, day or night, from their home computer or mobile device. 

Features of this custom graduation ticketing software for commencement events include: 

  • Completely customized branding 
  • Print-at-home and mobile tickets 
  • Trusted security via unique barcodes to eliminate duplicate tickets
  • Ability to add guest names to each individual ticket 
  • Integrates with existing authentication systems to validate graduation eligibility in real-time 
  • Real-time attendee tracking 
  • Arrival alerts for VIPs and attendees with security considerations 
  • Mass exit scanning 

Campus System Integrations & Authentication

Integrating university ticketing software from AudienceView with your school’s existing authentication systems goes beyond validating graduation eligibility in real-time. With integration between our university box office ticket software and your school’s authentication system, you can validate members of your entire campus community in real-time, offering special ticket perks to your students and staff online, without relying on the honor system. There is no need for unique logins or passwords. Plus, students can access real-time offers and promotions. 

Student Activity Ticketing

There are many activities on campus to enrich student life, enjoyment and engagement. What is student life like outside the classroom and why do you need student life ticketing? Students participate in many activities across campus venues that require university ticketing software – from fitness, sporting events, recreational activities and intramurals to performing arts events, special presentations, meetings, holiday concerts and more. There are student-run organizations with an executive officer, dean or director as sponsor. And don’t forget the fraternities and sororities that engage in philanthropic pursuits (fundraising) and host parties and other events that can be popular with students. 

Most student activities are ticketed events or require preregistration, which requires university box office software. These activities are also exclusive to students. Ever wonder how to offer student tickets securely, online, without making them available to the general public? 

Student activity ticketing plays an important role for online ticket sales and box office ticket sales as well as registrations. As well, student activity ticketing via university ticketing software means you can securely accept credit cards online, at a ticket booth or student activity box office. Tickets are delivered by email so they can be printed at home or as a secure mobile ticket to your smartphone. 

PCI Compliant

Now you know more about the important university ticketing software from AudienceView, as well as the powerful features of our university box office software, which can power athletic ticketing, performing arts ticketing, commencement ticketing, graduation ticketing and any other event type across campus. 

Let’s dive in a bit deeper to make sure your IT team knows why AudienceView’s university ticketing software is trusted by over 1,000 colleges and universities around the world. 

AudienceView’s university ticketing software solutions are secure, reliable and offer the highest levels of PCI compliance in higher education. Working with the top universities in the world, we understand and adhere to the strictest rules of IT. Our box office ticketing solutions integrate with your preferred payment gateways for easy implementation, with support for EMV (Chip + PIN), card swipes and other point-of-sale-style hardware. 

Flexible Payment Integration

Payments are an important part of your university box office software. With university ticketing from AudienceView, your ticket buyers can choose how they want to pay – ERPs, on-campus payment cards, as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay. 


The university ticketing software from AudienceView requires only an internet connection and web-browser for use. There’s no expensive server hardware, and no need for IT management, and our category level permission functionality allows for campus-wide operations with department-level privacy. 

Refund Protection

Colleges and universities can also take their university box office software and operations to the next level by partnering with Booking Protect to offer refund protection. The Fine Arts Ticket Office at Florida State University has done exactly that, further improving its already fair ticket exchange policy. Now, the school has an extra revenue stream from this voluntary add-on to a ticket purchase, which is powered by their university ticketing software. Customers have the reassurance that they can apply for a full refund when they experience certain unforeseen circumstances and can’t make it to an event. Now that’s university box office ticket software success! 


Ultimately, every college and university wants happy fans and customers. Using university ticketing software with the many benefits offered by AudienceView is a great way to delight all types of attendees, drive revenue through ticket sales and fundraising, create operational efficiencies and more. 

Partner with AudienceView to design a university ticketing software solution that wows students, fans, faculty, customers and more from start to finish. Remember, with AudienceView, you can power athletic ticketing, performing arts ticketing, commencement ticketing, graduation ticketing and all your campus university ticketing needs. Request a demo today to get started.