Elevating Your Support and Onboarding Experience with AudienceView Professional  

High quality support and a great onboarding experience can make all the difference when you’re learning a new software or approaching a major on-sale. Whether you’re training new staff or facing an urgent issue, we’re here to provide unparalleled assistance, seamless onboarding, personalized support, and a comprehensive knowledge hub to keep you on your path to success.  

Customer support is nearly unparalleled in it’s influence on brand loyalty. So much so that in a recent study by  NICE, 95% of consumers report considering customer service pivotal to their brand loyalty. That’s why prioritize offering best-in-class support and onboarding experiences, and our 4.7/5 client satisfaction score demonstrates our commitment towards building trust and satisfaction with our clients. 

Smooth Onboarding and Implementation

Over the years, we’ve onboarded thousands of new clients. On average in 2023, we onboarded 7+ new clients each week. Having a platform that provides best practices and self-guided training while remaining easy to use for full-time events professionals and part-time employees is extremely important. With these in mind, we’ve taken an approach to seamlessly integrate onboarding with human expertise and cutting-edge technology, providing you with the following: 

  • Transition Planning:  Once you’ve signed your contract, one of our dedicated project managers and onboarding team will connect you with your designated team, review timelines, and begin the process of developing your migration strategy. You’ll have access to your onboarding hub where you’ll be able to track any necessary progress, submit necessary information, and reach out to your assigned team members.  
  • Data Migration Assistance: Moving to a new software platform can be a pain. We’ve got you covered with our seamless white glove experience, covering data migration. As a new account, importing data is included as part of your onboarding process. We provide the templates; you provide the data. As part of your migration, we cover a variety of imports; Patron Records, Donation Records, Household Records, Package Benefits, and Ticket History. 
  • Tailored Learning Resources: Now that your account is set up, it’s time to get you access to our extensive knowledge base. Our learning portal is equipped with 350 articles, 60 videos, 15 courses, and knowledge check quizzes to guide your organization as everyone learns the platform. In addition to this, our team of Solution Experts will be ready to provide ad hoc help and assist with live training sessions. 
  • Additional Onboarding Resources: While most AudienceView Professional clients simply use our extensive suite of free onboarding tools and services, we can accommodate any unique needs your organization may have. We offer bespoke training modules, on-site training, rush seating map builds, accelerated onboarding, configuration assistance and more. These are all designed to ensure you receive a streamlined and efficient onboarding experience.  

Continued Support: Beyond the Onboarding Process

After implementation, your organization will be feeling comfortable and confident with our platform – but it’s just the start of how we will support your growth! Support at AudienceView extends far beyond the onboarding phase. We’re committed to providing you with a human-led, tech-enabled support system that empowers your organization with instantly accessible self-service learning tools and a large, empathetic Support team available at all times.  

  • Monthly Roundtables: Each month we have roundtables where you can engage in collaborative discussions. Keeping your support goals in mind, these discussions include real people to address your questions, share insights, and stay updated on our latest product features. 
  • Always-On Resources and Sales Support: Dive into our Learning Portal and take in the wealth of information provided. Our database of curated content will help solve nearly every problem you encounter. Need in person support? We’ve got that too! Our team is here to ensure your sales are running smoothly. Let us know what you need. 

In an era focused on A.I. customer service & responses like “We typically respond within 3-5 business days”….we’re proud to provide our clients with direct email, phone, and in-app access to a team of experts ready to support their needs. And that’s not going away any time soon either, from 2021-2023, we actually increased our Support Team headcount by 65%. With information at your fingertips, and a large team of Support professionals eager to help, it’s no wonder that 30% of client issues are resolved within 1 day, or that our average response time for critical issues is less than 1-hour

At AudienceView, our team is always going to be passionate about your success, ready to assist anytime, and eager to understand your unique challenges. 

Whether it’s 4 months or 6 years down the road, we want to make sure you feel supported. Expect more exciting updates as we continue to combine human expertise and cutting-edge technology approaches for support excellence. 

Feedback from Clients

Take a closer look at how AudienceView Professional Clients feel about our onboarding, implementation, and continued support. 

This has been one of the easiest transitions to new technology that I’ve experienced. The training videos were in depth and easy to follow. If we did have questions, our onboarding support team was quick to respond. Everything was just so slick. Thank you so much! 

Pump House Regional Arts Center

As an arts council supporting all disciplines of art, a non-profit, and a Membership based organization, I appreciate that AudienceView Professional is flexible enough to support nearly all our varied needs. The customer support team has been great about offering creative ideas to help us meet our objectives within the confines of the system. 

Verified Small-Business Owner

Working with Jamie was genuinely an honor. While working on a seating chart update, I had tons of edits to share. Jamie always made the very specific and very many edits in a timely manner and was always compassionate and consistent in communication. I can’t thank Jamie enough for all the time and effort and expertise put into this update! I think the result will make a drastic positive change for our team and audiences. 

Muhlenberg College – Baker Center For The Arts 

Upon submitting my late-night request, I received a prompt response less than 10 minutes later. The AudienceView agent was very understanding, kind and provided immediate assistance. This was particularly notable to me as I was navigating the process of updating the test seat map for ticket sales in preparation for our Season Announcement coming up. I deeply appreciate the timely help and expertise provided, to help resolve my concerns.  

Opera Naples 

As you can see, AudienceView Professional Clients feel great about their Support and Onboarding experience. We’re committed to ensuring we create this experience for your organization as well.