Maximizing Flexibility and Revenue: The Power of Packages and Memberships

Since 2019, the growth of package sales on AudienceView Professional has outpaced single ticket sales nearly three times over.

You see it every day. Coffee shops offer exclusive freebies if customers prepay through their app. Pricey group fitness facilities become more affordable via pre-packaged membership services. Wine subscription services can offer deep discounts in exchange for prepaid patronage. Across a vast array of industries, consumers are willing to commit their dollars to a specific vendor if it means their loyalty will be rewarded. How does this impact ticket sales for live events? Enter subscriptions and packages. 

In 2019, just 24% of AudienceView clients offered ticket packages to their patrons. Today, that number has more than doubled, and AudienceView Professional clients have nearly tripled the number of packaged ticket sales. Since 2019, the growth of package sales on AudienceView Professional has outpaced single ticket sales nearly three times over. 

Why does this work?  

Flexible, membership-based ticket packages are a win-win for patrons and box offices. Consumers gain exclusive perks by agreeing to prepay for tickets they’d want to buy that season anyway and build trust with that venue in the process. For venues, developing a strong relationship with loyal customers is invaluable. 

At venues in densely populated areas, membership is a must when it comes to highly anticipated shows. When the Atlantic Theater announced their 2023 shows, membership sales spiked by nearly 10x and have since sold out, largely in part because people were so excited to see Days of Wine and Roses that they became members just to gain early access to tickets for that show. In turn, the Atlantic gained a new loyal customer base who may become long term members.  

Memberships have their place in smaller markets as well. The Murphy Theatre in Wilmington, Ohio offers special benefits and discounts to county residents. Not only does this serve as a revenue stream for the theater, but this also helps strengthen community ties and better position the venue to compete with larger venues in larger cities.  

Catering to season regulars and new audience members alike, The Cape Playhouse in Massachusetts offers Show Subscriptions, guaranteeing the same seat(s) for each performance. If that doesn’t suit, patrons can opt instead for a Flex Pass, allowing total flexibility to any number of shows, dates, times, and seats for one flat rate (prices vary by seating section). This flexibility can be especially instrumental when theaters (and all venues) seek to bring in a new, younger audience base, accustomed to tailored experiences that fit their schedule.   

How can I get on board? 

AudienceView Professional’s robust suite of package and subscription-building tools are exactly what clients need to take advantage of this consumer trend. Current clients can head to the learning portal to get started.  

If you aren’t yet an AudienceView client and would like to learn more, click the button below to schedule a free demonstration. 

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