Higher Education Ticketing: Strengthening your Core Technology to Promote Innovation and Growth

the core technology needs to be stable, strong and flexible.

All top-class athletes have a solid core that they rely on for stability, strength and flexibility when they compete. 

In many ways, ticketing software is the same – the core technology needs to be stable, strong and flexible. 

Payment Processing

We know that a smooth, effortless purchase process can mean the difference between losing a sale and building a lifelong relationship with a customer or donor.  

AudienceView Campus is built on the latest payment processing technology and held to the highest standards in credit card security. This means less lag in processing orders, a significant decrease in double charges (or “phantom orders”) and peace of mind that every transaction takes place in a secure environment.  

AudienceView Campus also integrates with many payment gateways, making it easy to process payments with your preferred University provider. 


AudienceView Campus’ reporting engine was built with one goal in mind – to help our clients operate more efficiently. Right out of the box, you will be able to generate cleaner, easier to digest reports. In addition, security permissions allow you to grant access to the right people on campus, without overexposing your event and sales functionality. 

With more than 40 industry standard reports available, AudienceView Campus provides a steady stream of real-time, accurate data so that you can make the most informed, data-driven decisions for your organization. 

Season Tickets, Packages, and Renewals 

Season ticket and flex packages are a critical revenue generator for many AudienceView Campus clients. Easily build traditional season tickets or optional flex (pick-your-own) style of packages through the system. Additionally, offer add-ons or required seat donations to any package.  

Renewals/rollovers can be generated in minutes by AudienceView Campus clients, and immediately put on sale via web and point of sale (POS). Rollovers can be built for traditional season ticket renewals, or for additional performances or playoff games that season ticket holders receive first right to purchase. 

With AudienceView Campus, you know that the people and the system understand the college market, and your packages and renewals will be done right, built efficiently, and on-sale quickly.