Four reasons why performing arts organizations love AudienceView Professional

There are many reasons why AudienceView Professional is the solution that so many performing arts organizations choose and trust to help achieve their individual business goals.

There are many reasons why AudienceView Professional is the solution that so many performing arts organizations choose and trust to help achieve their individual business goals.

In this blog post, we break down the top four reasons with real-life examples. Learn how our clients are increasing revenue, engaging audiences and streamlining operations. We hope this helps bring to life how AudienceView Professional can help your organization accomplish its goals too.

1. You get full control of your business

AudienceView Professional puts the control of your operations in the hands of your people. We make it easy to manage ticket salesfundraising and marketing activities from a single database. There’s no waiting on a third party to build shows, update seating charts or change ticket prices because the control is with you and your team. Our built-in tools also enable you to easily create memberships, offer packages and gift cards, activate promo codes, sell merchandise and accept donations.

Additionally, the flexibility of our software allows you to move seats and issue refunds on the fly. This helps streamline your box office, reduce wait times and redirect your staff to more creative endeavors.

As an example, Third Rail Projects, a creator of immersive theater experiences in New York City, chose AudienceView Professional to help streamline their ticketing operations.

AudienceView Professional makes it extremely easy to sell tickets and manage our customer relationships. We are delighted with the support we’ve received from the AudienceView team so far and look forward to continued success with the platform.”

Joshua Dutton-Reaver, Manager of Marketing & Communications, Third Rail Projects

With a smooth ticket buying process and a plethora of tools to help grow their business, Third Rail Projects saw a 19% increase in ticket sales for Then She Fell in their first year using the platform. Learn more about AudienceView Professional here.

2. Robust audience engagement tools

You can put on the greatest show in the world, but without proper marketing and distribution, your ticket sales will fall short. When you do get people in the door, you need to nurture and maintain those relationships to transform single ticket buyers into members, subscribers and donors, thus increasing their long-term value to your organization.

At AudienceView, we understand that this is extremely important. That’s why we are continuously evolving our platform and refining our tools to make it easier for you to engage with your patrons.

As an example, our customer segmentation tools allow you to create targeted lists that you can then reach using our MailChimp and Constant Contact integrations. This eliminates tedious downloading and uploading.

AudienceView Professional also has a variety of automated marketing tools that can reduce your team’s manual efforts. For instance, you can create automated pre and post-show emails that help increase attendance and retention rates. You can also automate donation acknowledgement emails to ensure that your donors are getting the recognition they deserve.

You can also track the success of your campaigns with our Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations. Then, use data-driven results to make better decisions.

The Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago is a great example of an organization that makes extensive use of AudienceView Professional’s integrated marketing tools. As a client since 2012, the Athenaeum uses concise audience segmentation to cross-market between audiences of the different performing arts that use their spaces.

AudienceView Professional has allowed us to segment our audience a lot more easily, and to help the audience from one show grow the audience of another.”

Jeff DeLong, Marketing & Development Director, Athenaeum Theatre Chicago

3. Reporting is a breeze

In performing arts, there are a ton of metrics to use in your reporting. Making this process as easy as possible means your team can spend more time engaging with your patrons. At AudienceView, we give you the tools you need to make reporting simple.

AudienceView Professional features several standard reports with flexible filtering and drill-down capabilities, including ticket sales, attendance, donation and patron information reports.

Additionally, you can save your reports and set them to automatically email to relevant stakeholders at regular intervals. So, for instance, if you want to send your Executive Director a record of your ticket sales for a certain show at the end of every month, you can do that.

We are also constantly adding new features to make reporting easier for you. For example, you can toggle ticket fees on and off in your analytics dashboards. We work with our customers on a consistent basis to help refine our platform to make it more convenient for them.

The Carpenter Center is a great example of an AudienceView Professional client who has streamlined reporting processes to benefit their business. Click here to see their story.

AudienceView Professional has given me the flexibility of a system I can make my own while providing a powerful tool for driving ticket sales and management of patron information.”

Olivia Sather, Marketing Assistant, Carpenter Performing Arts Center

4. We make it easy

Running a performing arts organization is hard work. It’s not uncommon to feel understaffed and overworked. You need to put in serious effort to align your organization to achieve success.

At AudienceView, we understand these struggles. That’s why we’ve made our system as user-friendly as possible so that you can focus on what’s important – running your business. “ease of use” is a mantra that our development team works hard to achieve whenever we’re advancing or updating our platform.

To support this, our software is simple for staff and volunteers to learn. We also make it easy to switch from your old ticketing solution to AudienceView Professional. From there, you can create events and put them on sale in a matter of minutes. Our QuickSell+ functionality enables your box office team to process walk-ups in a few easy steps.

Additionally, our scalable, PCI-compliant software is designed to handle your largest on-sales without delay. Our 5 out of 5 Customer Support team is on hand seven days a week to help you through any challenges you may face.

As an example, the Greenwich Odeum switched to AudienceView Professional because they needed a ticketing platform solution that would allow them to more easily set up events and engage with their patrons, even with a small team of staff and volunteers. Click here to learn about their implementation process and how their organization achieved greater success with AudienceView Professional.

AudienceView Professional has made it significantly easier to run our operation in terms of setting up events, conducting reporting and creating promotional codes. Additionally, the system has improved out ability to collect donations and engage with our patrons, helping us grow our business further.”

Amanda Ronchi, General Manager, The Greenwich Odeum

At AudienceView, we make it our mission to help your organization achieve its goals. Your integrated, marketing and fundraising platform should be a business partner that helps fulfill your vision. That’s why our entire team works so hard with our clients and to continuously improve our platform. Ultimately, we aim to be true partners in your success.

If you’d like to learn more about how AudienceView Professional can help your organization, schedule a demo of our solution today.