Drive Revenue with Real-Time Marketing

AudienceView Spotlight is revolutionizing the way venues approach real-time marketing, creating new revenue opportunities and enhancing the customer experience.

AudienceView Spotlight is revolutionizing the way venues approach real-time marketing, creating new revenue opportunities and enhancing the customer experience. In-app purchases, previously an untapped revenue source, are now driving revenue growth by catering to the personalized interests of attendees, and the paperless ticketing experience makes event entry a breeze. London-based venue The O2 has made such effective use of this technology that they have been nominated for a #TBA2023 Impact Award.  

By leveraging their new app powered by AudienceView Spotlight, The O2 has merged multiple ticketing partners into one place, making it easy for customers to buy tickets for all events at the venue. The app has been widely adopted, with 1.2 million users in 2022, and almost 2 million customers have used it as a form of ticket entry. Early data from The O2 shows that the app is responsible for between 10 and 20% of all tickets sold, with most of the venue’s 200,000+ monthly app users spending an additional $1 on average on tickets to future events. 

“It’s undeniable that each of us will spend time on our phones at an event – so why not use that time to enhance the experience?” Says Mike Evenson, Chief Marketing Officer at AudienceView, “A great time to make a sale for the next event is while an attendee is actively enjoying themselves at your venue.” 

The Audiences functionality on Spotlight is a key component for success. By showcasing similar events to those that the customer is already attending, the app encourages customers to purchase additional tickets. But the potential for real-time marketing on Spotlight applies to more than just ticket sales. 

The experience of attending a live event goes beyond the 2 or 3 hours spent at a venue. According to a recent survey of TheaterMania subscribers, pre-event dining is popular with 58% of eventgoers, which opens the door for cross-promotion with local eateries near your venue. Consider also promoting a local spot during intermission to catch the eye of attendees aged 26-59, who are significantly more likely to go for drinks after the event. 

AudienceView Spotlight also makes it easier to learn about the people behind each ticket purchase, allowing for a customizable experience. When do your patrons usually make their purchases? According to our survey, 26% of attendees purchase their ticket directly through the website or app of the venue, and over 40% of eventgoers wait until an event is fewer than a month away. Cater to last-minute purchasers by promoting events that same week or shortly thereafter.   

In an age where personalized customer experiences are key to success, AudienceView Spotlight is a game-changer for venues. By leveraging the power of real-time marketing, venues can create new revenue opportunities while enhancing the overall customer experience.