AudienceView: Our Company Values

At AudienceView, we support all sizes and types of entertainment organizations and help them accomplish their individual missions.

By: Lawrence Franco, COO at AudienceView

Live events organizations across all genres are always looking ahead and preparing for the future. It doesn’t matter if you’re in performing arts, sports, music or another area of entertainment. What does matter is the overall experience you bring to your audiences and the unforgettable memories that this creates.

At AudienceView, we support all sizes and types of entertainment organizations and help them accomplish their individual missions.

We are so incredibly fortunate to be working in the business of live entertainment. Or the business of fun, if you will. It’s an industry that allows us to flex our creative spirit as we work together, play together and create success for our clients on their terms. 

Personally, I joined AudienceView in late 2018. It’s just the fourth company I’ve worked for in my career of 30+ years – and I couldn’t be prouder or happier to be here as part of our incredible team. Together, we are building a culture based on six corporate values that focus on personal and professional development. There are just so many places to go and grow at AudienceView!

AudienceView Values: Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Every single person who works at AudienceView owns part of our culture and part of our business. Regardless of title, location or tenure, we are all empowered to figure out exactly how to achieve success, then encouraged to passionately pursue those opportunities and make a difference. 

If you’re the type of person who wants to show up for work, have tasks land on your desk and check them off as they are completed, AudienceView probably isn’t the right fit. 

We’re an entrepreneurial, go-getting, initiative-taking bunch. We jump in, take ownership and steer our proud ship onwards to victory. Together, we make things easier for each other. 

If this culture of accountability and controlling your own destiny sounds like you, AudienceView is a place that you want to be.

AudienceView Values: Be Informed

As a business, we are sincere, genuine, open and transparent at all times. This extends right through the ranks, including our senior leaders and top executives.

Our belief is that being informed about what your organization is doing, where it’s going and how you fit frees you up to do good work. If you’re not informed and don’t have that clarity, then you’re going to spend your time wondering why decisions were made and second guessing them – and that’s distracting.

So, when our employees want to know the answer to a question, they ask. There’s no need for talk around the water cooler – or fully stocked kitchen in our case. They may not always like the answer, but we commit that everyone will know why decisions are being made and understand the rationale.

This helps everyone put their best foot forward and be successful, so you can develop both personally and professionally.

AudienceView Values: Working and Succeeding Together

Succeeding together means everybody understands their role and how they contribute to the overall accomplishments of our business. Whether you’re the CEO or a programmer, we are all critical, important and valued at AudienceView. And together, we are an efficient, effective team.

Culturally, we want people to push the envelope. This ongoing innovation helps AudienceView remain one step ahead of a rapidly evolving industry. 

At the same time, there’s a cultural benefit of always pushing yourself to learn and grow. We believe that it’s healthy to put yourself in positions where you’re a little uncomfortable sometimes. AudienceView fosters a safe, supportive environment so you can push those boundaries. So you’re not afraid to fail. Where you’re always strengthening skills and leaning in towards future ambitions. 

AudienceView Values: Lead and Follow

Every organization needs some hierarchy so that leaders can make decisions and escalate things. At the same time, everybody has strengths and weaknesses – and we work hard to leverage every person’s unique talents, regardless of title.

There are many circumstances where we will say, “I’m not an expert in X, so we’re relying on you to give us advice or make recommendations.” Just because someone is on the executive team, for example, doesn’t mean they are always going to have the answer. 

At AudienceView, we encourage everyone to lead regardless of where they are structurally in our organization. It’s also okay for people in higher positions to follow these experts. This creates a spirit of collaboration and allows everyone to develop leadership skills.

We are one team, working together to make our company successful.

AudienceView Values: Changing the Status Quo

Innovation is prevalent in our industry. If we do things the exact same way we’ve always done them, then we’re going to fall behind as a business. 

Pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones is the best way to really advance existing skills and learn new ones. Trying different things and looking to innovation to become more efficient or more proficient creates new thinking. It also helps our team grow all the time so that we can succeed together. 

AudienceView Values: Build Your Own Playground

Each and every day, we have the opportunity to experience live entertainment from every angle. This value ties closely to our industry connection and genuine love of the entertainment business. But there’s another angle too – and that’s creating your own path. Owning your career progression. And, controlling your destiny.

At AudienceView, I feel extremely connected, empowered and engaged. I’m supported by our Board and leadership team to do what I believe I can do to help this business. Nobody is questioning this, pivoting or saying, “We don’t do it that way.” So, I’ve built my own playground based on the skills and the value I believe I can create for AudienceView.

Anyone at AudienceView can control their own destiny in this way. Tell us your aspirations – we’ll coach you; help figure out a path and get you there. If you want a bigger job one day, we encourage you to declare your intentions, build your personal brand, show us that you can solve problems and do good work. We’re behind you 100%.

AudienceView also invests in sending our employees to live events. This helps our business because we better understand the patron experience – and it’s a lot of fun too! 

I’m extremely proud of our company, our team and our culture. We’re always looking for talented people who go all in when they find the right opportunity. If AudienceView sounds like a good fit, we want to hear from you!