All Eyes On Paris

All Eyes On Paris - Olympics 2024

The Olympics comes to The City of Light this summer: Paris. Here are just a few events we are excited to see across this iconic city.

This summer, as the world’s gaze is firmly set on the Olympic Games, Paris prepares to shine on the global stage. Picture the thrill of archery competitions taking place in the shadow of the majestic Eiffel Tower or the adrenaline rush of beach volleyball matches unfolding on the banks of the Seine. Impressive new venues, tailored for the Olympic Games, add to the splendor, including the La Défense Arena, a modern architectural marvel that has undergone a significant revamp. From classic Parisian landmarks to state-of-the-art facilities, these venues not only host the world’s greatest athletes but also add a distinctive Parisian flair to the Olympic experience.

La Défense Arena – A Spectacle Under the Spotlight

La Défense Arena, one of Europe’s most advanced stadiums, is a breathtaking sight. Situated in Paris’ business district, it seamlessly blends modern architecture with the iconic skyline. This colossal stadium can host up to 40,000 spectators for outdoor events, making it one of Europe’s largest arenas.

La Défense Arena will transform into a stunning aquatic center for the Olympic Games. Sustainability and innovation take center stage as the arena houses two Olympic-sized swimming pools with advanced filtration systems. Spectator-friendly features include custom-built grandstands offering excellent views and creating a thrilling atmosphere for thousands of fans. Europe’s largest arena is ready to make a splash on the global stage, promising an unforgettable swimming spectacle.

Champ De Mars – Sand, Spike, and Spectacle

Picture the thrill of watching beach volleyball, one of the most popular Olympic sports, at the iconic Champ de Mars. This public greenspace, known for its stunning views of the Eiffel Tower, will transform into a dazzling beach volleyball court, offering spectators an unrivaled setting. Athletes diving and spiking against the backdrop of France’s most emblematic monument will create a unique spectacle, capturing the magic of the Olympics. The combination of high-energy sporting action and the elegance of Paris will make the beach volleyball matches at Champ de Mars an unforgettable Games highlight, showcasing athletic prowess and the enduring beauty of The City of Light. As the sand settles each day, athletes, spectators, and the world will be left with indelible memories of a Parisian Olympic experience.

Stade De France – The Crowning Jewel

The Olympic Games in Paris would not be complete without the iconic Stade de France. As the nation’s largest stadium and a symbol of its rich sporting history, it will host anticipated events throughout the games. From the thrilling opening ceremony to the intense athletic competitions, this majestic stadium will be at the heart of the action. With its grandeur and the energy of thousands of spectators, it promises an atmosphere that echoes the spirit of the Olympics. As the world watches, the Stade de France showcases Paris’ readiness to host this global spectacle, creating Olympic memories that will further cement its legendary status in the world of sports.