7 Things Organizations Love About Working With AudienceView

We spend a lot of our lives working, so finding something you love to do is the key to happiness. It doesn’t hurt to have awesome people to work with too.

While flowers and chocolate are always nice, we don’t need a special occasion to celebrate our affection for each other. Yes, that’s right, AudienceView is all about helping relationships blossom and grow!

Each day, we also find incredible joy in our most important connections – those that we share with our clients.

Here are seven things that our clients love and value about working with AudienceView:

1. The people. Our clients make our hearts dance inside our chests. We’re absolutely delighted to know that they feel the same way about us.

“The thing I love most about AudienceView is the people. The people that I work with through AudienceView are warm, welcoming, they’re interested in how our product can work better,” says Aren Murray, Director of Ticketing for the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

2. Spending time together. In any relationship, we treasure precious moments and good conversations. They can lead to a journey of discovery in new relationships or happy reminiscing of years past and shared successes.

“I really love coming together with everybody at AVConnect because you’re working in the software ever single day. Every day you’re selling a ticket or redesigning the website or setting up a correspondence. Whatever it is, you’re working in AudienceView every day and then you come together with all these other users, they’re doing the same things as you every single day and you feel like you’re part of something bigger,” says Sarah Swanson, Athletics Ticket Office Manager for Dartmouth College. 

Swanson continues, “I work in an office with two full-time people and oftentimes it can be a little lonely. It’s really nice to come together with lots of other people doing the same things, people who are interested in what you are doing, people who want to share ideas with you. The AudienceView staff as well, they’re just so welcoming. It’s just a really positive thing.”

L→R: Sarah Swanson (Dartmouth College), April Moon (Canadian Stage), Crystal Clinton (Opry Entertainment), Christina Pryor (Opry Entertainment)

3. True partnership. Communicating feelings helps to build bonds and keep a relationship strong. We’re never shy about what our clients mean to us and AudienceView is thrilled to know the feelings are mutual.

We asked Yovani Pina, VP of Information Technology at Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) to describe DCPA’s relationship with AudienceView. “In one word, it’s partnership,” he says. 

4. Flexibility. There’s give and take in any relationship. With AudienceView, the flexibility comes not only in the form of our willingness to help, it’s engineered in our software too.

“The flexibility and adaptability are what I love most about AudienceView,” says Kevin Berls, Audience Services Director for Paramount Theatre and RiverEdge Park. “With our business, we have a very unique set-up with having different venues and different shows. The flexibility of AudienceView has really allowed us to be able to adapt our business practices into the system.”

“I love AudienceView because of its flexibility. It really gives me the ability to do anything I need, when I need to do it, where I need to do it,” says Craig Melzer, Manager of Client Support for Ticket Central.

5. Achieving goals. AudienceView does everything it can to help our clients achieve their individual business goals and nothing makes us happier than seeing them succeed. 

“[What I value most about AudienceView is] the ability to scale up and down for a big on-sale – so when we have 100,000 people knocking on our doors online to buy tickets, the fact that we can manage that appropriately and provide a seamless experience for our customers,” says Pina. 

“What I love most about AudienceView is that it is what you make it…you can make it as little or as big as you want it to be,” says Pryor. “You can include 5+ items in a bundle and sell something really large or you can sell a combo of two items…you can make it what you want it to be. You can make it include food and beverage, drink vouchers, concession items, posters, you can make it include anything that you want it to include, so it can be as colorful as you want it to be.”

“The thing I value most about AudienceView is definitely the access you have to your data and to your customer. Something that we’ve really learned at Virginia Tech is we can see a customer who is with us on our first season and really follow their journey all the way through,” says Jonathan Boulter, Associate Director of Patron Services for the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech. “We can see which performances they’ve liked, which artists they’ve liked, is there a season that they’ve bought a subscription package and upped their subscription package or just added more tickets. So we can really follow the journey of our customers through the data that’s in AudienceView.”

6. Simple pleasures. Everything in life – and love – shouldn’t have to be difficult. The same thing goes for ticketing and helping consumers get seats to the live events they love.

“My favorite thing about AudienceView is, from a box office perspective, it’s so simple to utilize,” says Boulter. “I’ve worked with some ticketing companies where it takes three weeks before you can even send the frontline person to sell a ticket, but with AudienceView it’s so user friendly from a box office perspective…that somebody could really walk in and start selling tickets almost the same day that they start. We spend more time on training of the performances and rules of our facility versus having to actually train on the ticketing system for our box office.”

7. Endless possibilities. With AudienceView, organizations can celebrate endless opportunities all year long. If you can dream it, you can do it!

“My favorite thing about AudienceView, aside from its flexibility and ease of use, is the fact that I can customize it. I can make it so that every producer and every user can have their own unique experience. As a backend guy who has to give it to everyone to use, I can make it specialized so if they have a specific need that they really want, that they need to have access to every day, I can give it to them,” says Melzer. “The fact that I can access AudienceView anywhere means that if I’m sitting at home and an idea occurs to me, or if there’s an emergency, anything, I can go take a look at it. It means I’m not tied to a desk.”

“There’s nothing you can’t do in AudienceView,” says Boulter. “For everything, if you have an idea of what you want to do, it’s so simple to be able to create and to do. You have control over everything that’s inside AudienceView that you can make it work for you.”