4 Reasons Your Venue Needs AudienceView Spotlight in 2024

In November 2022, we introduced Spotlight, our white-label mobile app solution. Since then, AudienceView Unlimited clients have been reaping the benefits of Spotlight’s feature-rich platform, which includes secure ticket display, ticket sharing, and user-friendly tools designed to boost revenue. For a detailed look at these features and how Spotlight addresses common challenges, check out this article.  

With 2024 on the horizon, we are excited to share some exciting product developments. From fraud prevention to faster entry – here are 4 reasons why your venue needs a Spotlight app in 2024.

1. Combat Fraud with Delayed Barcode Delivery

We understand your concerns about fraud prevention. That’s why we’re excited to announce the introduction of delayed barcode delivery in Spotlight. With this feature, venues can immediately deliver mobile tickets to customers’ app wallets while postponing the barcode display until a predetermined time before the event. Instead of displaying the barcode, customers will see a message instructing them to check back closer to the event. You have full control over when to release the barcode, significantly reducing the window for fraudsters and unauthorized resellers.

2. High Customer Adoption Rates

Worried about customer adoption? Don’t be! Spotlight has achieved remarkable adoption rates across various venues. Here are some key statistics that demonstrate how much customers appreciate using Spotlight:

  • Across all Spotlight rollouts, an average of 66% of online customers choose Spotlight as their ticket delivery method, even when traditional methods like Print at Home, Mail, and Will Call are available.
  • Venues that have removed PDF as a delivery option but retained Will Call and Mail report an average online adoption rate of 90%, with minimal negative feedback.
  • Even in venues with demographics not typically associated with high tech adoption, over 50% of patrons in opera houses prefer Spotlight for ticket delivery, and this number is steadily increasing month by month.
line graph showing increase of app delivery tickets

3. Outstanding Customer Reviews

Rolling out a mobile app invites public feedback, and our clients have received rave reviews. On both the Apple App Store and Google Play, the average rating for Unlimited client apps is significantly higher than the industry average, with most ratings at 4.8 out of 5 stars or above. Even clients who switched from PDF delivery to Spotlight maintain high App Store ratings.

“Five stars – great tool for ticketing. Finally, no more losing tickets or hoping the US Mail doesn’t lose them. This app is a great addition for a great theater complex.”

A happy app-user

4. Spotlight Drives Revenue

PieTix, a US-based ticket agent that services venues across the Americas, has witnessed remarkable adoption rates of over 70% and a 4.9 star rating on the App Store from over 500 reviews. Their app is becoming a significant driver of ticket sales and revenue, accounting for nearly 10% of total ticket revenues in September. Spotlight is an ideal channel for selling tickets, as each person who downloads is a potential new customer. By utilizing push notifications linked directly to new event pages in the app, customers are just a few clicks away from buying more tickets.

Check out the PieTix app for yourself by downloading it at the App Store or Google Play.

screenshots from the spotlight app

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