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AudienceView Launches White-Label Consumer App Into the Marketplace

TORONTO, Ontario – AudienceView, a global leader in providing comprehensive ticketing and e-commerce solutions to the live events industry, has released an integrated, white-label mobile app platform that will allow their clients to uniquely configure a fully branded consumer app experience in order to significantly expand their relationship with all event attendees, rather than simply the person who initially buys the tickets.

Aptly named AudienceView Spotlight, this mobile app platform is an extension of AudienceView Unlimited, the leading integrated ticketing, fundraising, marketing, and CRM platform powering some of the most prestigious live event brands around the world. AudienceView Spotlight is a continuation of the value proposition that is core to AudienceView Unlimited, which allows organizations to control their brand, data and experiences through direct consumer relationships which they cultivate.

Learn more about AudienceView Spotlight and AudienceView Unlimited here.

While AudienceView Unlimited is already an industry leader in creating personalized relationships with ticket buyers, AudienceView Spotlight amplifies this by unlocking individual relationships with all event attendees beyond just the person who initially makes the ticket purchase. One of the greatest challenges for any live event is to create direct and meaningful relationships with all event goers. For most events, organizations only collect data from around 33% of their audience. AudienceView Spotlight puts an emphasis on helping brands build better experiences before, during and after their events by unlocking one-to-one personalized relationships in a way that hasn’t been possible without significant effort and investment to build a custom, branded app.

“The mobile experience for live events is behind the times,” said Mark Fowlie, CEO of AudienceView. “Adding AudienceView Spotlight to our white-label experience will give our clients a new channel to discover more about their audiences, allowing them to drive revenue and engagement that both the venue and the event attendee desire. Giving our clients a robust feature set they can use to drive engagement through their own brand is something this industry hasn’t yet seen at scale.”

AudienceView Spotlight is a proven app framework currently in use at some of the most prestigious venues in the world, chosen by prominent venues such as The O2, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Lord’s, the iconic Home of Cricket. While many consumer-facing apps in the industry are primarily focused on replicating an online website or ticket purchase flows, AudienceView Spotlight was built to unlock deeper engagement and experiences. Tools that unlock new revenue streams have been built to tap into that euphoria of someone attending a live event. Just as importantly, the app is easy-to-navigate which drives high adoption across event attendees of all kinds.

“A great mobile experience unlocks significant revenue that organizations consistently leave on the table,” Fowlie continued. “The challenges our entire industry is facing aren’t going anywhere in the near future. Leaders of these organizations must find ways to generate more revenue per event attendee to help fuel their businesses. For years, our clients have trusted AudienceView to build powerful solutions that help their live events be more successful. We’re excited to bring AudienceView Spotlight and all its capability to our clients through their brand.”

AudienceView is already in the process of rolling this app out to Unlimited clients.

Learn more about AudienceView Spotlight and AudienceView Unlimited here.


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