Booking Protect (by CoverGenuis)

Ticket refund guarantee. Increase buyer confidence and sell more tickets.

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AudienceView Professional


Refund protection is a service that provides ticket buyers with the option to add a refund guarantee during the online ticket purchase flow. Beyond increasing customer satisfaction, live events organizations benefit directly by reducing (or eliminating) staff time spent on refund requests.

AudienceView has partnered with Booking Protect to integrate seamlessly with and AudienceView Professional, making it easy to add refund protection during the checkout process.

If your customer files a successful claim, Booking Protect handles the payout purchase.

Customers are happier and your team has fewer complaints. It’s a win-win-win.

How it works

  • Ticket buyers see a pop-up, designed with your branding standards, that provides them with the option to purchase ticket protection.
  • Booking Protect handles all elements of the refund in the case that an eventgoer could not make it to the event.
  • That’s it! Your customers are now happy.