Activity Stream

Activity Stream enables event marketers to effortlessly build hyper-targeted segments and deliver email campaigns in just a few clicks.

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AudienceView Unlimited


Activity Stream has now integrated with AudienceView Unlimited, providing even more tools to put data at the center of your marketing campaigns. The audience segmentation tool is designed to be used by both novice and experienced marketers. Ensure the success of your Facebook & Google Lookalike Campaigns with easy-to-export and automatically formatted CSV files. Create segments for various types of buyers to set up high-conversion targeted campaigns and view your results with best-in-class data visualization and reporting dashboards.

The email marketing solution from Activity Stream is a user-friendly tool designed to help you engage your audience quickly and strategically. This easy-to-use platform features drag-and-drop functionality, email templates with conditional blocks, reporting on engagement, integrated AI prompts to help you generate top-selling copy, and more. Best of all… no HTML skills are needed!