June 30, 2020

AudienceView Reveals Insights From 5,000+ Arts Patrons About Impact of COVID-19, Engaging with Virtual Content and Returning to Theater

AudienceView, the global leader in providing solutions to performing arts organizations to ensure their shows are discovered, attended and remembered, today released results from the largest study to date on the impact that COVID-19 has had on the behavior of theatergoers.

New York, NY – June 30, 2020 – AudienceView, the global leader in providing solutions to performing arts organizations to ensure their shows are discovered, attended and remembered, today released results from the largest study to date on the impact that COVID-19 has had on the behavior of theatergoers. More than 5,000* members of AudienceView’s TheaterMania community in the United States shared insights regarding their engagement with virtual content and what will make them comfortable to return to the theater. Survey respondents also weighed in on their current spending on tickets, including paying to watch streaming content, as well as their near-term buying intentions and willingness to pay more to offset the cost of physical distancing when venue doors reopen. 

Survey highlights include:

  • 77.7% of respondents have watched streaming content since mid-March, with only 0.9% reporting that they did not enjoy the experience.
  • Some arts patrons are already paying for streaming content; the show (54%) and cost (54.9%) are big factors in future purchase decisions.
  • 71.3% of respondents said they would pay between 10% and 50% more for a ticket to offset lost revenue from seats left empty to ensure physical distancing.
  • On returning to the theater, patrons are most nervous about being in close contact with strangers at their seats, as they arrive or depart, as well as in washrooms and other lines. 
  • Venues can help patrons feel most comfortable by making masks (78%) and the use of hand sanitizer (76%) mandatory.

Full survey results are available via Unobstructed, the platform AudienceView created to support live entertainment professionals by sharing innovative ideas and market trends to grow their knowledge and businesses. In addition to sharing overall results and breaking them down by age group, the report provides insights and recommendations to help organizations best leverage each area of the study. 

Download “The Patrons’ Perspective: An Overview of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Behavior of Theatergoers” at AudienceView.com/Unobstructed.

“The entire theater community is looking forward to returning to enjoy this art form that we love. In the meantime, we are inspired by the creativity that venues are showing as they find ways to keep their audiences engaged,” said Rosemary Maggiore, Publisher of TheaterMania and Vice President of AudienceView’s consumer division. “We’re delighted to add value by sharing insights into the minds of arts patrons so that organizations understand how to make them feel comfortable to return when venue doors reopen.”

Learn more about the survey via the Unobstructed interview with Rosemary Maggiore, available at AudienceView.com/Unobstructed or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

*In total, 5,314 avid theater patrons (63.1% went to the theater every chance they could and 30.8% attended two to five times per year) based in the United States responded to this survey sent by TheaterMania; it is accurate within 1.34% with 95% confidence.

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