“Yes, and…”

By: Nick Begley, Senior Marketing Manager at AudienceView

Our daily schedules and event calendars have been turned upside down.

With perspective and information changing so rapidly during these  ̶u̶n̶p̶r̶e̶c̶e̶d̶e̶n̶t̶e̶d̶  unscripted times, arts organizations have had to improvise on a daily basis.

The most successful organizations have adopted the first rule of improv – saying “Yes, and…” – as they’ve navigated venue closures and event cancellations. Embracing this principle of improv has resulted in more agile business practices, team collaboration and idea sharing from all parts of their organizations.

We’ve been inspired by the creativity and innovation shown by the arts organizations that have accepted this challenging scenario and avoided “no, but” when planning their future.

We especially salute these “Yes, and…” organizations:

Eden Court redeployed staff to help address isolation and assist with the education needs of their community, leveraging the expertise and resources already found on their team to help their neighbors.

Greenwich Odeum is allowing people to ‘light up the Odeum Marquee‘ with their own personal messages. They’re fulfilling peoples’ dream of seeing their name in lights, while leveraging an idle asset.

Geffen Playhouse created Geffen Stayhouse. They share exclusive, original content every Wednesday, bringing the gift of entertainment to people across the country.

Washington Pavilion launched a program called Experience Your Washington Pavilion @ Home, producing 24 videos that included virtual guided tours in their Visual Arts Center, theater tactics, art lessons and science demonstrations. This has allowed their community to continue to experience their unique offerings from the safety of their home.

As we’re faced with continued adversity, we encourage you to replace unprecedented with unscripted and say “Yes, and.” You’ll be rewarded with new ideas and adventures.

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