What is bunching?

By: Nick Begley, Senior Marketing Manager at AudienceView

Social distancing. Flattening the curve. Self-quarantine.

We’ve been introduced to many new terms and phrases over the last several months in response to our current health crisis. Dare we say, an unprecedented amount of new terms?

In fact, Merriam-Webster made an unscheduled update to its dictionary in March, adding these new terms and revising entries of words to show the relationship to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve been using a word lately here at AudienceView when describing and discussing the challenges being faced by the higher education community: bunching.

What is bunching? It’s the not-so-technical term when you have facilities on campus that have no rules or process around access, capacity and flow. These spaces – which are usually first-come, first-serve and self-policed – include dining halls, libraries, recreation centers, student unions and more.

In order to build trust with students (and parents), the new campus experience must evolve and solve the challenge of bunching.

This is why we created AudienceView Campus Flow.

AudienceView Campus Flow was built to easily manage student reservations and access to high traffic locations with an emphasis on the health and safety of the campus community.

This new packaged offering includes features that are designed specifically to help higher education institutions easily (and safely) manage capacity in spaces where students bunch, including:

  • Student ID integration
  • Time-based entry
  • Student flow tracking
  • Contactless access


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