Making the switch to AudienceView

By: Jo-Ann Chiam, Vice President of Client Engagement

Sometimes one of the things that keeps organizations on ticketing systems that aren’t fully meeting their needs is fear of making a change. Will your data move over? Will your customers like the new buying experience? How quickly can the system change happen?

I’m Jo-Ann Chiam, Senior Director of Client Engagement. My team is responsible for your onboarding to AudienceView. I’m here to answer some of the most common questions we get about making the switch to one of our solutions.


How soon before I am up and running on AudienceView Professional, AudienceView Campus or AudienceView Select? 

A normal and typical onboarding to these AudienceView offerings is three weeks (but on occasion we’ve been able to make it happen in mere days!). This timing is from the moment you sign your contract to the day when your business starts transacting using AudienceView Professional or AudienceView Campus. We have a team of experts who have onboarded many clients before – they will help you get your system up and running as soon as possible. 


What if I’m considering AudienceView Unlimited?

If you’re a venue or presenter that would be better served by our AudienceView Unlimited platform, our onboarding process is a bit more complex and is focused on ensuring that every department in your organization is set up for success. If you book a call with an AudienceView expert, we can tell you more about that platform and what’s involved in making that happen.


Is it a lot of work? Who does what? 

We have a fine-tuned methodology honed over 20 years of working with live entertainment venues, which streamlines and tailors your onboarding experience to your needs. At the start of onboarding, you will be assigned a project manager who will review your onboarding plan with you. We’ll introduce our team of experts, then walk you through each task and clearly outline what is required, when and by whom. During onboarding, we provide access to training videos, knowledge articles and templates that will help you become proficient. Our onboarding team of experts are also available to help. 

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I am afraid of data migration. This seems very hard.   

We have migrated many clients from more than 30 different systems to AudienceView solutions, so rest assured that we have a team with a wealth of experience when it comes to data migration. We will help you through this every step of the way. When it comes to providing data, we have data templates that you can use, or that you can provide to your current ticketing vendor. Our experts can quickly validate the data provided and report on any data issues that the provided file might have. This allows you to quickly find and fix the data inconsistencies, before validating it again. Once the data file is ready, loading the data into the system is easy.

Is there training? How will I know what to do? 

We provide access to training videos as well as knowledge articles on our AudienceView Community & Education Portals. This will allow you and your team to train in a convenient, self-serve manner. We also host training webinars where you have an opportunity to interact with an AudienceView expert. In addition, your project manager will check in with you on overall progress and ensure that you understand what still remains to be completed as we work together to get you up and running. 

What if I’m thinking about switching systems? What do I do?

You can learn more about AudienceView and our solutions by visiting and getting in touch with our team.  

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