From Client to Success Manager: What I love about AudienceView Professional

By: Jerusha Liu, Client Success Manager at AudienceView

Four years ago, I was a non-profit theatre box office manager, like so many of you. But that’s not all I did. As most of you will relate, I wore many different hats. I was the volunteer coordinator, venue and rental manager, cleaned facilities, operated a light board…you name it, I probably served that role at some point. In small, non-profit arts organizations, you must be a jack of all trades.

Another one of my “other duties as assigned” related to selecting and onboarding new technology. At two of my theaters, I facilitated the migration from a different ticketing software to AudienceView Professional. This firsthand experience provides me with a greater understanding of the excitement and stress that comes along with switching ticketing systems.

To reduce your stress and increase your excitement level, I’d like to share four reasons why, after a decade of using AudienceView Professional at three different organizations, I still love it. 

  1. AudienceView Professional’s all-in-one system made me feel like I had a friend in my ticketing software – someone who had my back and could “do it all.” From ticket sales, to subscription management, to donor tracking, AudienceView Professional simplified my life and allowed me to maintain one single database for all of my audience tracking needs.


  2. The support team is awesome. I could always count on Client Support to have quick and efficient responses to solve my issues. If there was something trickier and more involved, they were always willing to work with me to come up with creative solutions or submit my feedback as a suggestion to the product development team. Feeling like I was a contributor to the ongoing improvements of the solution was a huge deal.


  3. The rock-solid reliability of the solution. With a 99.95% uptime, I was fortunate to never experience one of those box office curtain-time nightmares where all of a sudden a bug prevents you from selling tickets to the 50 people waiting in line.


  4. AudienceView Professional’s amazing team is made up of so many smart industry professionals – many of whom have walked in your shoes. When you talk to any of my colleagues, you can be sure that they truly understand your business. Our team is the perfect mix of former live events professionals and tech wizards that both help inform the decisions we make as a company and product. The passion and experience from these industry veterans is invaluable, often creating an immediate bond between our staff members and clients. I know this first-hand. When I was a client, my account manager became a friend and trusted advisor. And then eventually, she became my manager when I joined the company in 2017. Talk about full circle.

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Jerusha Liu is a Client Success Manager at AudienceView. Prior to joining our organization in 2017, she was a performing arts industry professional that managed several venues.

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