AudienceView Professional
Services Description

This page provides the services description for AudienceView Professional. Within each section you will find helpful information on a variety of topics, including functionality, the onboarding process, our support team and our security program.


Including ticketing, e-commerce, CRM/marketing, fundraising, analytics, CMS, day of event services, platform

Last updated May 24, 2023

Event creation and listing

Store your event information where it belongs while using it in real-time throughout your marketing and sales channels. When things happen, make the changes in a single place. Key features include:

Series management
Create a single event or a group of events in a series with the appropriate title, description and venue information, define pricing for an event or series, determine capacity and availability of seating sections, establish general or specific patron seat holds, configure event availability across different sales channels and promote events directly on social media.

Who’s coming
A front-of-house tool used to easily identify who will be attending events. It provides a snapshot of patron names, order IDs and identifiable member and donor tags. You can flag new and existing tags to display on the Who’s Coming List. Patrons with assigned tags will then appear on the list if they’ve purchased tickets. View the list in a basic, expanded or exportable view with CSV.

Promotional tickets
Create exclusive ticket types that are only accessible in the box office or with a promo code. Access specific series and event deep-links to promote productions and performances through various marketing channels.

Performance entry times
Create timed entry tickets with designated capacities. Use custom messaging and inventory controls such as Sold Out. Performances are displayed on the patron’s event calendar with a distinct entry time to a single event, while pulling tickets from a single pool of event inventory.

Ticket statistics
View ticket statistics across different sections of the venue to track capacity, sold, available and scanned ticket inventory.

Packaged tickets
Create Fixed Plus Packages which are a series of bundled tickets that can be sold to subscribers and renewed online or use of Flex Packages to create flexible subscription and membership options to convert single ticket purchasers to loyal customers. FixedPlus and Flex packages allow you to offer more purchase options to your customers and grow revenue.

Subscription renewal
Automatically reserve the previous year’s subscription seats so that subscribers can retain the same seats until they pay their invoices for this year’s subscriptions. Generate renewal reports to create renewal mailings. Allow patrons to pay for their reserved package seats via the consumer interface.

E-commerce/consumer interface

A mobile-friendly and API driven consumer interface that powers e-commerce activity, including:

Single shopping cart
A single shopping cart experience for everything your organization has to offer to your customers: tickets, gift cards, merchandise, donations, memberships, packages.

Patron account management
A self-serve interface for patrons to track order history, manage renewals, pay due balances, maintain contact information, redeem gift cards and membership benefits.

Reserved seating events
A visual representation of your venue captured in emblematic seating charts designs that readily support the intuitive selection of seats within any size venue.

Plus one (attendee list)
Collect data about the people attending your event but didn’t buy the tickets themselves. Send the list of attendees the same pre- and post-show communications that the ticket buyer receives.

Departments provide an extra layer of branding. Perfect for organizations that need to manage the look and feel of co-productions separately from their other events. It allows multi-use organizations, with different production genres to create dedicated calendars/purchase flows for each segment of their business.

Shopping cart upsell
Use donation and merchandise upsell tools to drive additional revenue during checkout. A donation cross-sell allows ticket buyers to add a donation to their purchase.

Gift cards
Create gift cards that your customers can purchase, gift and redeem.

Membership benefit redemption
Patrons can log in to redeem package tickets. System notifications presented to patrons when package pricing is available, if they’re not logged in.

Recurring membership opt-in
A patron purchasing a membership (flex package) can opt into a recurring transaction, so that their credit card is charged and their benefits regularly renew on a schedule. Patron’s can call to cancel at any time, so that their card isn’t re-billed and member benefits aren’t renewed.

Add-on/buddy packages
Patrons can buy a combination of benefits that include a limited number of free tickets and an unlimited number of discounted tickets via a single purchase or donation. Patrons have immediate access to the benefits.

Smart cart – packages automatically applied
Benefits associated with a parent package or add-on package in the cart are automatically applied to eligible tickets so that the appropriate discounts are applied during checkout. Package limits are respected, and if the package is removed from cart or the patron logs out then all of the parent and add-on package benefits and discounts are removed from the items in the cart.

Event availability
Patrons can readily distinguish between days on the calendar that have available event dates and those that don’t. The calendar gives them a better sense of a show’s schedule and popularity without having to click into each day. You can also customize the Sold Out and Canceled messaging.

Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager
Support for Google Tag Manager conversion tracking and ROI measurement for traditional advertising campaigns. Pull custom variables from the consumer interface and send them to a third-party marketing campaign via manager tagging, so that partner sites can keep track of referrals, behavior and purchases within their own systems. Track pageviews and e-commerce activity with Google Analytics and Pixel Tracking integrations. The Cross Domain Tracking – Link Decorator for API preserves the proper source/medium variables via API links so that campaigns and ad buys appear as a single visit when the patron moves from your website through to the checkout.

Box office

QuickSell Plus (Desktop App)
A one page, shopping cart-style sales interface that allows you to add multiple events or items (donations, packages, gift cards and merchandise) to the order.

QuickSell Plus Mobile Box Office
QuickSell Plus is available on iOS so that tickets can be easily sold from a tablet or other mobile device in the box office. The app also supports fully integrated credit card swipe payment processing.

Payment processing
Compatible with the following payment gateway providers:

  • Pay Flow Pro (a PayPal Company)
  • CardConnect – Point to Point Encryption


An integrated, actionable CRM module that provides a unique experience for each patron and donor, including:

Email communication tools
Automated communication tools, fully integrated with mail services like MailChimp and Constant Contact extend your ability to pre-configure automatic, custom designed and personalized patron email alerts such as:

  • Reminders and important information
  • Membership, subscription and package renewals and recaptures
  • Cross-sell and upsell opportunities after specific purchases and interactions

Task management

Task management allows you to properly develop key donors. Create and assign tasks to staff. Highlight the type of communication and the due date for completing tasks.

Patron profiles
Easily classify patrons and donors through individual or institutional profiles. Customer profiles can be used to unlock a customers’ entire history with your business. View each patron’s purchase history, including ticket transactions, memberships, gift card purchases and redemptions, season tickets, donations and other activities. View patrons’ outstanding balances and credits, tasks and holds. All the information needed to increase audience engagement.

Household profiles are true aggregate views of the sales, donations and potential donations of all patrons within a household (while still maintaining individual profiles). All transactions, tasks, notes can be viewed on the individual level, or as an aggregated household. The profiles offer a full cumulative view of all household members and a better understanding of how the members interact with your organization as a group.

Patron categories
Use Patron Categories for tagging and deep segmentation to act on key opportunities, create targeted offers and fundraising campaigns. Tags and Categories are the primary tools used in Professional to segment your database and identify patrons. Tags and Categories are customized by you, including features such as display order and color. Tags can be added manually on a specific patron’s record, or in bulk via Patron Report. You may use as many tags or categories as you want, and any one of them can be deleted at any time, without affecting the tagged patrons.

Pre- and post-show communication
Create personalized, HTML-friendly emails that are automatically sent to everyone on the Who’s Coming list. Send automated pre- and post-show emails to increase audience attendance and retention.

Section and ticket type receipt customizations
Customize HTML-friendly text specific to ticket types or sections. Display instructional information on order confirmation emails, e-tickets and email receipts. Apply one set of instructions to several ticket types at a time.

Advanced patron report
Pull any information you need to send and track personalized, segmented communication so that you can reach the appropriate audience for each show and campaign. View all of your patrons in one place, export those patrons to Excel, assign Patron Categories to them, sync with your Mailchimp or Constant Contact account. Use the report to apply varying degrees of filtering logic to retrieve cumulative spend, donation, patron location, patron relationship and communication preferences as well as memberships and subscriptions.

Patron merge
Easily manage and maintain clean customer data with the Patron Merge deduplication tool.

Checkout questions
Add unlimited checkout questions to any sales channel to better understand your patrons.

Fundraising & Development

To develop strong relationships with your patrons and cultivate donors, you need to know who they are,
how they interact with your organization and then devote the right kind of attention to them.

Create & manage campaigns
Fundraising campaigns are your primary method of collecting donations. A default campaign that you can use to receive donations is included. You can specify the particular projects that any monetary gifts go towards.

Recurring donations
Set up recurring giving to help to increase donor retention. Offer monthly, quarterly, or yearly recurring donation options, as well as allow donors to choose an end date. You can also encourage corporate matching as donations are made.

Campaign goals
Each fundraising campaign can be customized with a goal amount to track the progress of your fundraising campaigns and measure success. To see how you’re tracking against your fundraising goals in the main fundraising campaign dashboard.

Donation acknowledgement
Use donation acknowledgement letters to thank your donors. Customize each donation campaign’s acknowledgement email based on the level of giving. Automatically email letters, and/or print them for mailing purposes. Batch print a set of acknowledgement letters and address labels/envelopes. Resend individual acknowledgements directly from the orders.

Donor profile
Get a full, at-a-glance picture of a patron in real-time, so you can interact appropriately based on their lifetime donor, membership and purchase history, and their relationship and involvement with the organization. The profile allows you to move a single patron through a cycle from identified prospect to cultivation to stewardship. Profiles are protected by user access controls to hide sensitive donor information.

Donor benefit
Automatically assign benefits and perks at specific giving levels through memberships. Donor benefits also utilize Smart Cart.

Waive membership benefits
Give donors the option to waive their membership benefits and have 100% of their donation be tax-deductible.

Waive benefits report

A fundraising report that accounts for the non-tax deductible value of a benefit that donors receive. Run a report to see the tax-deductible amount of each donation so you can send letters to each donor annually, letting them know the tax-deductible portion of their donations.

Fiscal year donation attribution
Track and allocate donation funds to a specific fiscal year. Tie a fiscal year to donations received for a previous or future fiscal year even if the donation was received before or after the new fiscal year began. Pull donation reports by fiscal year, or filter them by date range. Fiscal year attribution can be done while:

  • Taking offline donations
  • Editing donations
  • Importing donations
  • Setting or updating fiscal year

Soft credits 

Assign credit for a donation to one or more people who aren’t the donor. Quickly assess and manage the influence that a patron or donor has in generating contributions from others by giving them recognition and benefits. Namely:

  • Attribute credits to multiple patrons.
  • View a donor’s last soft credit, total credits in the last 12 months, credits before last year and their cumulative soft credit amount in Development Profile.
  • Filter the Patron Report by amount, timeframe or associated campaign.


Capture promises made by donors to contribute cash to your organization at a later date, so that you can lock in donation commitments from patrons towards fiscal year goals. Assign a fiscal year while taking pledges or receiving donations. View and sort the Pledge Report by the fiscal year attribution to determine your progress towards fiscal year goals, as well as what is due and what is paid and outstanding.

Pledge report
Allows you to track the progress of all pledged contributions. You can check the status of pledges, filter by campaign and export the data to get a better understanding of your donations. Pledge statuses allow you to track the amount of money you’re expecting, what has already been paid and what is due/overdue.

Task management
Ensure you appropriately follow up with donors and donor prospects. Assign tasks to any user and include a due date, type and description. Additionally, within the Patron Report, you can batch-add a group of patrons to a task.

Communication history tracking
Ensure patrons are getting the correct messages from you. This is done by tagging patrons as recipients of a communication. This feature allows you to segment groups who have already received a certain communication so that you can do appropriate follow-ups.


Gain access to several standard reports with flexible filtering. Easily automate and export attendance, financial and audience reports.

Take full ownership of your financial data so that you can better understand your organization’s performance. Make reconciliation a breeze with easy-to-use and clearly itemized orders and transaction records. Manage and view transactions across all points of sale and payment types for easy royalty and union reports.

Scheduled automated emailed reports
Schedule recurring, automated report emails. Specify the time of day range to make sure it hits the recipient’s inbox at a time convenient to them. Emails are only sent to users who have permissions for MyReports.

Analytics dashboard
Track the sales health of a series in just a couple of clicks. The dashboard enables views of:

Sales charts
View cumulative daily sales revenue progress in the Sales Revenue Chart and a breakdown of ticket types sold each day in the Ticket Breakdown chart. See your progress toward ticket sales revenue in context on the series revenue graph. Set ticket sales revenue and/or ticket quantity goals.

Key statistics
View the:

  • Number of days on sale (from the moment the first ticket is sold).
  • Remaining days until the last event in a series.
  • Number of holds for future events.
  • Number of seats available for future events.
  • Number of comp tickets sold to any event in the series.

Series comparison graph

Compare past or current series to assess the similarities or differences in ticket sales. The graph provides a good visual impression of trends and changes over time even if small in nature.

General ledger codes
General ledger codes are designed to make your accounting and reconciliation processes less time-consuming and more accurate. Create general ledger codes for your series, products and fees, easily assign them, then run a general ledger code report that you can upload to your financial software.

Other reports

  • View of gift card purchases, usage and cards with outstanding balances.
  • Attendance Reports: Report on attendance across multiple events using a date range. Export your report as a CSV or Excel file.
  • Household Report: Report on tickets sales, contributions and events attended across households.

Refund Protection

Patrons can purchase refund protection through XCover when buying tickets online. If a patron chooses to purchase protection through XCover, XCover will refund the full ticket purchase amount if the patron is unable to attend the event for a covered reason. For more information, see XCover’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.


Last updated August 11, 2020

Access future event data through the Web API. Data can be presented in calendar and series listings. If you host your own event pages, you can use the JavaScript API to allow patrons to add tickets to carts directly from your websites.


Last updated August 11, 2020

We’re dedicated to creating usable and feature-rich products for the ticketing industry. We aim to make these products as functional and as intuitive as possible for everyone who uses them, including client users and ticket buyers.

We make every reasonable effort to conform to the current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) levels A and AA and want client users and ticket buyers, regardless of potential impairment, to be able to freely and easily navigate all of our web interfaces without frustration or confusion.

Both accessibility consultants and user testing are used to validate and improve our products. We’re dedicated to responding as quickly as reasonably possible to accessibility issues brought to our attention regarding our public user interfaces.

We believe that everyone regardless of disability or impairment should have access to our products and the excitement of purchasing tickets for live events in the same way as those without barriers.


Last updated April 21, 2022

Once you’re ready for onboarding, we work with you to get you up and running as soon as possible. Our onboarding process is described below. 

Kicking-off onboarding
We contact you to detail the onboarding steps ahead that will guide you to your eventual launch. At this time, you’re introduced to your project manager. 

Some important items you need to organize to have a successful onboarding are listed below. 

Onboarding Contact Obligations 
You provide a designated onboarding contact, as needed, and attend any scheduled meetings with our team. You must provide the necessary financial ACH information before we can grant access to the product. The administration tools used to access our services are password-protected, and only your properly registered personnel receive login IDs and passwords. You’re solely responsible for administering and monitoring the use of your login IDs and passwords.  

Payment processing obligations
You need to establish and pay for relationships with a compatible payment gateway and payment processor. All setup and associated hardware costs, credit card or debit card processing fees or other credit and collection issues for your transactions are your responsibility. You must provide your merchant account information to us so that we can configure your product to take payments. For more information, see the Finance Operations section. 

Website services
You need to manage and host your organization’s website yourself. You can use deep-link functionality to integrate your website to the appropriate parts of your configured product.  

You need to obtain your own email communication tool with mail services like MailChimp and Constant Contact to extend email capabilities beyond pre- and post-event communications. 

Reliable & reasonable operations
To ensure reliable and reasonable operations, you need your own reliable high-speed internet connectivity to and from our services (for all of your locations that need access to our services); provide and maintain your own premises equipment, including but not limited to administrator workstations, ticket-seller workstations, printers and scanners; provide all other customer relations, fulfillment and obligations, including but not limited to, customers/events establishment, operation and maintenance, ticket stock, advertising and promotion, nondurable operational supplies (e.g. printer toner) and ticket seller expenses and fees; maintain all configuration, use and operation of our services to suit your environment and specifications. 

If you’re unable to organize these items, it may reduce our ability to provide you with the services as designed. 

Data collection
Your AudienceView project team works with you to collect the following data: 

  • Payment processing information.
  • Venue information, including the seating manifest, if applicable.
  • Patron (customer) information. 
  • Donor information.
  • Historic donation information. 

You need to ensure that the data provided conforms to our data specifications or schema as outlined by our team. We work with you through this process. 

The Learning Portal
Your designated onboarding contact is immediately provided with unlimited access to our Learning Portal. The Learning Portal contains our on-demand courses and training material, knowledge base, client community, support resources and more. The designated onboarding contact is responsible for granting and managing access for their other team members. 

Preparing for go-live
You’ll get an opportunity to validate that your regular operational activities (setting up events, selling tickets, reporting) are working as expected. Once you’re confident, let your project manager know that you’re ready to launch. 

Congratulations! Your new ticketing platform is launched. At this time, you have full access to the Client Support team.  

Client support

Last updated August 19, 2022

You receive the following support services as part of our relationship:

  • Access to the Learning Portal to log cases, read how-to articles, watch training videos, register for live webinars and post on the client discussion boards.
  • Direct access to our team of solution experts via the Learning Portal during business hours Monday through Friday.
  • After-hours emergency support via our on-call number and the Learning Portal.
  • Investigation and triage of cases related to application performance, defects, configuration issues, and technical tasks including system configuration and “How do I” type questions.
  • Access to update and review open and historical cases.
  • Status page subscription for real-time maintenance and system performance updates.
  • Automated system monitoring – twenty-four-seven. · For the current Support contact information, refer to our Contact Support article.

All reported standard (non-emergency) issues will be responded to by Support staff during business hours within one (1) business day.

All reported emergency issues will be responded to by Support staff within fifteen (15) minutes. An emergency issue is where a client has complete loss of a core (mission critical) business process and work cannot reasonably continue. Examples of an emergency issue that needs immediate attention includes: not being able to access the system, not being able to sell, not being able to print tickets, and not being able to scan tickets.

These response times are good faith estimates only, based on our current averages.


Last updated December 2, 2022

We recommend using printers and ticket stock from Boca Systems. These can be purchased directly from us.


There are two broad options for access control/e-ticket scanning. 

Recommended for low volume/traffic scenarios:  

Download the Android scanning app (OvationTix Ticket Scanner) available in the Google Play Store or the iOS scanning app (AudienceView Professional) available in the Apple Store.  

Recommended for high volume/traffic scenarios:  

Purchase or rent the AudienceView Scanners. The device comes preloaded with the Android scanning app (OvationTix Ticket Scanner). Alternatively, you can tether AirTrack S2 Corded USB Handheld Barcode Scanner devices to any USB enabled laptop or desktop.  

Payment Terminals
Your payment terminal options are dependent on your selected payment gateway and processor. Payment terminals are typically purchased through your selected payment gateway. 

Work with your AudienceView project team to determine your options. 

Credit Card Readers/Swipers
We offer a USB-connected encrypted IDTECH credit card reader/swiper that is compatible with the product. These work with any payment gateway and must be purchased directly from us.  

Hardware Policy

If you’re purchasing hardware from us, it’s provided “as is”. We provide a one (1) year warranty for AudienceView scanners purchased directly from us. If any other hardware is defective, you may have the ability to access the manufacturer’s warranties directly against the manufacturer. We provide reasonable assistance with any defective claims you raise with the manufacturer

If you’re renting hardware from us, you’re not allowed to rent, lease, sell or otherwise transfer the hardware to any third parties. You are responsible for supervising and controlling the use of the hardware by your employees to ensure that it’s used safely and appropriately. While  you’re responsible for the hardware from the time it’s delivered to you until it’s returned to us, if you’re leasing the hardware, you don’t receive any ownership interest in it.

If there is any loss or damage to the hardware while you’re leasing it from us, you’re responsible for any costs to repair or replace it. If you don’t return any or all of the hardware to us within thirty (30) days of the expiration of our relationship, you’ll be charged a replacement fee equal to our replacement cost plus any applicable taxes and shipping fees. You’re responsible for all shipping costs unless otherwise agreed. 


Last updated March 14, 2023

As a global leader in both technology and consumer experiences for live events, processing billions of dollars each year in ticket sales, you trust us with their live events and the patrons who attend those events. That trust is predicated upon us keeping the data of you and your patrons private and secure. Our services are compliant with PCI-DSS and our latest Attestation of Compliance can be viewed here. We also leverage best practices from other standards such as NIST, ISO, and SOC. where it makes sense to do so, but we don’t formally comply or attest to those standards. This information is intended to provide an overview of how we protect that data and will be updated as we continually review and enhance our processes.

Security & Compliance

Our dedicated Security and Compliance team’s mandate is to protect the data you store in our services. Our Security and Compliance program includes:

  • Product security.
  • Protecting and securely transmitting cardholder data.
  • Vulnerability management.
  • Infrastructure controls (physical and logical).
  • Policies and Operating Procedures
  • Employee education and awareness.
  • Intrusion prevention and detection.
  • Data loss prevention.

We regularly assess our infrastructure and applications for vulnerabilities and remediate those that could impact the security of your data. Our Security and Compliance team continually evaluates new tools to increase the coverage and depth of these assessments.

Perimeter security

We define and manage our network boundaries using a combination of network appliances including load balancers, firewalls and VPNs. We use these to control how services are exposed and to segment our production network from the rest of our computing infrastructure. We use role-based access control protocols that are based on business needs to define and authenticate access to our production infrastructure.

Application/product security

Application security is by means of an individual username and password. We provide you with the ability to manage application security to best meet your own needs and standards. It’s the responsibility of each client to ensure application-level roles are defined, implemented and managed such to comply with any protocols or standards to which they may subscribe. Securing our Internet-facing web service is critically important to protecting your data. Our Security and Compliance team drives an application security program to improve code security hygiene and regularly assess our service against OWASP for common application security issues.

Client segregation

Our services are designed and developed using single and multi-tenant architectures. In both cases, we take great care to ensure your data is accessible only to you. We consider your data private and don’t permit any other user to access it.

Data retention & deletion

We retain client data for the purposes of performing the services and after termination or expiration of the agreement we make available, return or delete the data as agreed with the client and in accordance with applicable law.

Activity logging

We consolidate logs from all production servers into a security information and event management tool. Logs are consistently monitored and reviewed by our Security and Compliance Team.

Transport encryption

We use industry-standard encryption to protect your data in transit. This is commonly referred to as transport layer security (TLS) V1.2 or above, or secure socket layer (SSL) technology.

Encryption at rest

Where necessary we encrypt cardholder and other sensitive data while at rest in the database tables. For the security of our systems and your data, we don’t publish the encryption standards used in this process.

Physical security

We leverage DataCenter and Cloud-based technologies to provision our service. Our Cloud storage vendor is a global industry leader and is the primary storage location for clients with the data residing in the United States. Our DataCenter is Tier 3 equivalent and located in Canada. This DataCenter is used as temporary backup facilities for clients for failover over or other temporary support. Our infrastructure is located in a private, locked cage in an environmentally controlled facility that includes 24x7x365 monitoring and backup power. In both cases, access to our equipment is tightly controlled and only authorized personnel are permitted access.


Our goal is to ensure our services are available to you at all times. As every system requires maintenance, we have regularly planned maintenance windows during which times we complete all essential maintenance work. We may also perform emergency maintenance from time to time. We have a global footprint and in most cases can be flexible and schedule planned maintenance windows at a time most convenient for you. We provide notice well in advance of any maintenance that may require a service outage. We also work with you to schedule those outages at times that are convenient. However, this isn’t always possible. You also have varying needs when it comes to disaster recovery or service failover. We can offer a range of options to best meet the needs of the individual client.

Incident response plan

Our incident response plan lays out the steps we follow when suspicious activity is detected.

  • Containment: We take immediate action to contain any suspicious activity. This may involve isolating components or taking services offline.
  • Confirmation: We move to confirm that any suspicious activity is a cause for concern and warrant further action.
  • Engagement: Within 48 hours of confirmation of an issue we communicate with affected clients. We also engage relevant third parties such as crisis management, forensic specialists, cybersecurity professionals and where required law enforcement.
  • Remediation: We work with all parties involved to remedy the immediate issue, re-secure the environment and return to normal operations

PCI-DSS responsibility matrix

The table below outlines our mutual responsibilities:

PCI-DSS requirementOur responsibilitiesYour responsibilities
Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data.
Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect the Cardholder Data Environment.
Ensuring vendor default settings are changed where appropriate/required by this standard.
You are responsible for protecting and managing access to your own infrastructure and network assets; changing default vendor configurations, security controls, and vendor default passwords.
Do not use supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters.
Our owned systems are installed and managed with hardened minimum security baselines using industry best practices, including changing or deleting vendor defaults where appropriate/required by this standard.You are responsible for:
● Changing default vendor configurations, security controls, and vendor default passwords client workstations and
● Managing access to the application/application data through the end-user GUI
Protect stored
cardholder data
We deploy policies and procedures such that credit card numbers (i.e., primary account numbers or PANs) and sensitive authentication data (e.g., CVV) are a) not stored within the system or b) where storing sensitive data cannot be avoided, it is encrypted using industry standard encryption protocols.You are responsible for:
● Security of your workstations
● Access to application/application data through the end user GUI
The Security or PCI compliance status of your cardholder data environment (CDE).
Encrypt transmission of
cardholder data across open, public networks.
Data transmitted by us for payment processing uses industry standard encryption and security technologies to protect credit card numbers and sensitive authentication data transmitted during payment processing and order fulfilment.You are responsible for implementing encryption on all applicable internal and external network connections.
Use and regularly update anti-virus software or programs.
We ensure compliance with respect to all owned and managed infrastructure.You are responsible for deploying and managing anti-virus and malware protections on your managed OS instances commonly subject to malware.
Develop and maintain secure systems and
We use industry best practices Secure – Standard Development Life Cycle in the development of its products / services. We also maintain security patching on infrastructure it manages as part of payment processing.You are responsible for monitoring published OS and application vulnerabilities and patching on your own infrastructure.
REQ-7 :
Restrict access to
cardholder data by
business need-to- know.
We maintain industry best practice access controls. System access is restricted to a “need-to-know” basis across all infrastructure and systems within its control.You are responsible for provisioning and managing access to the application and data through the end user GUI.
Assign a unique ID to each person with computer access.
We assign a unique ID, strong authentication and processes to properly manage access to the payment processing systems we maintain.You are responsible for providing unique access ID’s (e.g., no shared ID’s) to your employees accessing the GUI through your own network and devices. You will ensure User ID’s and Passwords conform to the PCI-DSS standard
Restrict physical
access to cardholder
We have implemented physical and other controls (e.g., cameras) to physically protect the infrastructure and payment processing devices we manage.You are responsible for access to workstations or other devices that may be used to gain access to the application/application data as well as any media created outside of the managed environment is your sole responsibility.
Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data.
Our service tracks access to cardholder data.You are responsible for using handheld scanners (e.g., IDTech) over cellular to connect to payment processors, which fall under your’ PCI program. PCI compliance for the POS devices (i.e., point of swipe/dip) are not in scope for this PCI Assessment, instead fall within the merchants’ PCI compliance programs.
Regularly test security systems.
We regularly test the security controls using an industry standard vulnerability management program including performing annual internal/external penetration testing, semi-annual segmentation testing, quarterly ASV scans for our payment processing systems and edge security.You are responsible for regularly testing the security controls using an industry standard vulnerability management for the systems that you manage that connect to any systems that connect to payment processing systems.
We deploy a vendor management program to provide ongoing due diligence for the payment processors.You are responsible for training staff on protecting devices that store, process, or transmit credit card data (e.g., POS devices). Introduce an Information Security Program, for your staff, including proper training. Instituting an Incident Response Program to alert your team and us (where appropriate) when you believe security of payment processing has been breached.

Finance Operations

Last updated September 15, 2022

Our merchant account

You’ll be assessed service fees and merchant processing fees in accordance with your Order Form. 

Unless otherwise agreed, you agree that we may deposit credit card sales collected via our merchant account less our fees or any other charges via ACH credit to your business’ checking account. Should any fees or charges exceed credit card sales, you agree that we will collect fees via ACH debit from your business’ checking account. 

Payouts will be remitted by AudienceView Ticketing Corporation, or its affiliate,, Inc. 

We may increase the Merchant Processing fee in the event that the payment processing fees charged to us by one or more payment processing companies or associations are increased. 

Your net proceeds for eligible payouts will be deposited into your checking account on a weekly basis, typically on Mondays. Your net proceeds must be a minimum of $100 to be paid. 

If you use our merchant account, when applicable, you must submit your events for settlement.

A minimum reserve of 5% of your net proceeds may be held for 90 days after the event settlement date and will be paid out on the following disbursement cycle, less refunds, chargebacks, related charges or fees due. 

If you’re looking to find out what you’ve been paid and/or when then you should go to your Statement History in your account. 

Subscription, System Base and Access fee billing
Subscription, System Base and Access fees will be invoiced on the first day of the month following the start date of the initial term as set out on your Order Form. 

Transactions and complimentary ticket fees exceeding the annual limits stated on your Order Form will be invoiced after the end of each annual term. 

Unless otherwise agreed, all invoices are due upon receipt. You agree that we’ll collect invoiced fees via ACH debit from your business’ checking account within 30 business days of the invoice date. 

Fees will be debited and/or invoices will be issued by AudienceView Ticketing Corporation, or its affiliate,, Inc. 

You shall be liable for and agree to promptly pay or reimburse us for the full amount of any and all chargebacks, including all credit and debit card service charges, our service fees and payments and all other charges, fees and payments incurred by us in connection therewith. Our service fees are not refundable in a chargeback scenario. 

Chargebacks and related fees will be automatically applied to your account and netted from your next settlement. If chargebacks and related fees exceed credit card sales, you agree that we’ll collect fees via ACH debit from your business’ checking account. 

Details relating to chargebacks and related fees are visible on your Statement History.

You alone will bear the responsibility to contact and/or reschedule patrons’ reservations, and any patrons contacting us regarding any canceled or rescheduled event may be redirected to you. Our service fees are not refundable if an event is canceled. 

Insufficient funds & non payment
You agree that there will be sufficient funds in your business’ checking account at the time of collection. You agree that we won’t be held responsible for charges incurred due to insufficient funds. In the event that funds aren’t available in your business checking account at the time of collection, we’ll attempt to draft again the next business day. A fee of $25.00 will be assessed for each transaction if funds are not available. 

Should the amount of the authorized fees or charges exceed the amount of credit card sales collected, your account may be subject to suspension or termination. 

Our fees are final and will be timely paid without refund, reserve, holdback or set-off of any kind. If you refund a patrons’ ticket and such refund exceeds credit card sales, you agree that we’ll collect the value of such refund via ACH debit from your business’ checking account. 

We may from time to time, but with 10 business days advance notice, inspect and audit the necessary books and records (and make copies as needed) to confirm your compliance with the terms of our relationship, and you agree to reasonably cooperate with us with respect to any inspection and audit. The books and records and information reviewed and copied (if any) as part of any audit will be deemed confidential information.

Client merchant account

Service fee collection
You’ll be assessed service fees as set out on the Order Form. 

Unless otherwise agreed, you agree that we collect all fees and charges for the preceding week’s transactions via

ACH debit from your business’ checking account on a weekly basis, typically on Mondays. 

Fees will be debited or invoices will be issued by AudienceView Ticketing Corporation, or its affiliate,, Inc. 

If you’re ever looking to find out what you’ve been paid and/or when, then you should go to your Statement History in your account. 

Subscription, System Base and Access fee billing
Subscription, System Base and Access fees will be invoiced on the first day of the month following the start date of the initial term as set out on your Order Form.  

Transactions and comp ticket fees exceeding the annual limits stated on your Order Form will be invoiced after the end of each annual term.

Unless otherwise agreed, all invoices are due upon receipt. You agree that we’ll collect invoiced fees via ACH debit from your business’ checking account within 30 business days of the invoice date. 

Fees will be debited and/or invoices will be issued by AudienceView Ticketing Corporation, or its affiliate,, Inc. 

Insufficient funds & non payment
You agree that there will be sufficient funds in your business’ checking account at the time of collection. You agree that we won’t be held responsible for charges incurred due to insufficient funds. In the event that funds aren’t available in your business checking account at the time of collection, we’ll attempt to draft again the next business day. A fee of $25.00 will be assessed for each transaction if funds are not available. Delinquent balances are subject to suspension of your account. 

Our fees are final and will be timely paid without any refund, reserve, holdback or set-off of any kind.

We may from time to time, but with 10 business days advance notice, inspect and audit the necessary books and records (and make copies as needed) to confirm your compliance with the terms of our relationship, and you agree to reasonably cooperate with us with respect to any inspection and audit. The books and records and information reviewed and copied (if any) as part of any audit will be deemed confidential information. 

Media services

Last updated August 11, 2020


As an AudienceView client, you’ll have the option to automatically list events with at no cost. After you create a listing, simply check the box and the listing you have created will appear immediately on Should you need to modify the listing, you can return to the marketing portal and make any edits then save.

Advertising & promotions

As an AudienceView client you receive a discount off all advertising on, our consumer website that features comprehensive listings, news, reviews, interviews and video content for theater and arts nationwide. TheaterMania can also help promote your events through various other digital marketing campaigns including email, social media, audience extension, retargeting and other forms of digital marketing. Promotions of fundraising campaigns through our owned properties can often be executed at no cost. For more information you can contact


Engage with the editorial community by sending us story ideas and information about your upcoming programming so we can look for ways to expose this information to our consumer audiences. Email us at


Booking Protect

Last updated December 10, 2021

If set out on your Order Form, you have elected to receive Booking Protect Limited’s (“BPL”) booking protection products, through our referral relationship with BPL. In order to activate BPL’s Booking Protect product and make it available for sale to your customers, you will need to accept BPL’s Booking Protect Terms of Business. In order to facilitate the processing and reconciliation of sales of BPL’s products to your customers, you authorize us to transfer to BPL the relevant revenue and data of your customers who purchase BPL’s products through our services (i.e. name, fee paid).

Our merchant account

When using our merchant account, we will collect and remit to you forty percent (40%) of the aggregate proceeds from those sales (inclusive of any taxes and less any credit card fees) by electronic funds transfer via our initiated ACH transaction (unless otherwise agreed) within five (5) business days following the end of the week in which the sale of BPL’s booking protection products were made, or until such time as we have a minimum of $100 from such sales to be remitted to you. 

Client merchant account

When using your own merchant account, you will collect and remit to us sixty percent (60%) of the aggregate proceeds  from those sales (inclusive of any taxes) by electronic funds transfer via our initiated ACH transaction (unless otherwise agreed) following the end of the week for the preceding week’s sales of BPL’s booking protection products, or until such time as you have a minimum of $100 from such sales to be remitted to us.


If set out on your Order Form, you have elected to sell tickets through our Services at the TKTS booths, through our relationship with Theatre Development Fund (“TDF”). In order to make your tickets available at the TKTS booths, you will need to accept TDF’s terms and conditions.

For all ticket sales through a TKTS booth, TDF has a per ticket service charge set out on the Order Form that is over and above the ticket price (whether or not a payment processing fee is withheld). TDF may adjust their fee from time to time. We charge the service fee as set out on the Order Form. 

For all cash ticket sales at a TKTS booth, TDF will collect the proceeds of cash ticket sales and will pay this amount to you (excluding TDF’s service fee) at your box office, along with any applicable documentation. You will remain responsible for paying our service fee to us for those cash ticket sales.

Our merchant account 

When using our merchant account for all credit card ticket sales, we will collect the proceeds of TKTS booth credit card ticket sales. We will pay you your share of the credit card ticket sales (excluding TDF’s service fees, our service fees and payment processing fees) through the ACH process, unless otherwise agreed. We will be responsible for paying TDF its service fees.   

Client merchant account 

When using your own merchant account for all credit card ticket sales, you will be responsible for collecting the proceeds of TKTS booth credit card ticket sales and paying to us our service fee and TDF’s service fees through the ACH process, unless otherwise agreed. We will be responsible for paying TDF its service fees.