OFC Creations Thrives with AudienceView Professional

Broadway-caliber shows and strategic communication have led to 60% growth since 2022.

  • Season package subscriptions are gaining momentum
  • Youth programs boost community engagement
  • Data analysis improves operational efficiency

OFC Creations, a professional regional performing arts center proudly based in Rochester, NY, has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2005. By leveraging AudienceView Professional, founder Eric Vaughn Johnson has been able to enhance operational efficiency, innovate programming, and deepen community ties, resulting in 60% revenue growth since 2022.

Growth and Expansion 

The introduction of season subscriptions marked a pivotal shift for OFC Creations, enabling the organization to significantly increase audience commitment and attendance. By transitioning to a subscription-based model, OFC saw a noticeable increase in subscriptions, from under 500 in its initial year to over 600 the following year, illustrating the effectiveness of AudienceView Professional in managing and scaling subscription services. 

“We went from maybe a little under 500 subscriptions last year to already over 600 subscriptions at this time. And we still have another four months’ worth of sales for subscription. So, we think that this is year is going to be even better than last.” 

Innovative Programming 

OFC Creations is known for its diverse and engaging programming. AudienceView Professional has been instrumental in streamlining the ticketing process for various shows, from niche productions like “The Golden Girls” musical parody to popular hits like “Rocky Horror Show.” The platform’s versatility allows OFC to cater to a broad spectrum of audience preferences, enhancing attendance and participation.

show art for the 24-25 season

Marketing and Community Engagement 

With AudienceView Professional, OFC Creations has enhanced its marketing efforts to reach a wider audience. The platform’s robust marketing tools enable effective promotion of shows and events, tracking of customer engagement, and analysis of marketing campaign effectiveness. This strategic use of technology has fostered stronger community ties and enhanced the overall visibility of OFC Creations. 

 “We are committed to making our educational and youth programs accessible to all, regardless of financial need. Our scholarship fund ensures that no child is turned away. Through contributions from our community, such as adding a small donation when purchasing tickets, we can support families who need assistance. This helps us continue offering extensive programs, including our 22-summer camp theater training sessions, each culminating in a musical production.” 

Reporting and Analysis 

The adoption of AudienceView Professional allowed OFC Creations to handle complex ticketing scenarios, including dynamic pricing and subscription management. The platform’s comprehensive reporting features provide valuable insights into customer behavior and sales trends, enabling data-driven decisions that spur growth and improve operational efficiency. 

“There are features we use a lot. We track return ticket buyers, recurring subscription sales, and trends. We’re also able to look at the most utilized features and keep track of entry times and check-ins.” 

Future Goals 

Looking forward, OFC Creations aims to further expand its subscriber base and extend its reach. With plans to enhance marketing efforts and explore new programming opportunities, AudienceView Professional remains a central component of OFC Creations’ strategy to redefine the performing arts experience.