Efficiency in Action: The Hanover Theatre & Conservatory’s Success with LockData Technologies

The Hanover Theatre Conservatory faced challenges in scheduling classes and events efficiently. With LockData Technologies' integration solution, they streamlined their processes, reducing stress, errors, and delays, leading to a successful season.

  • LockData simplified The Hanover Theatre's scheduling process with an AudienceView integration, reducing manual work.
  • The integration led to a smooth on-sale process, saving time and effort.
  • The Hanover Theatre plans to continue working with LockData and AudienceView to enhance organizational efficiency.

The Situation 

Through various classes and outreach programs, The Hanover Theatre Conservatory aims to inspire creativity and confidence and enrich the community through arts education. The conservatory is always bustling with activity, with upwards of 120 different classes throughout the year for all ages and disciplines. 

But with such a wide range of programming, a finite number of classrooms, and ever-changing teacher schedules, the process of setting the class schedule is always tight. The conservatory team typically finalizes the class schedule just a few days prior to the on-sale, leaving the box office and marketing teams with only a day or two to bulk upload the events into AudienceView Unlimited and then enter them manually on their WordPress site, resulting in a lot of stress, late nights, human errors and, sometimes, delays.  

 “We are always in a time crunch with scheduling classes as we navigate faculty availability as well as room bookings and performance calendars. Additionally, we simply do not have a large team to help manage all this, and resources are tight, so it is always a stressful situation, which ultimately leads to errors.” – Lisa K. Condit, Vice President of Communications at The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts 

The Solution 

To help eliminate the duplicate entry process, The Hanover Theatre engaged with AudienceView’s partner, LockData, to integrate AudienceView with their WordPress site. LockData created a plugin that imports Hanover’s events and classes into draft pages that can then be reviewed, edited, and then published – saving The Hanover Conservatory time and stress, while significantly reducing the potential for errors. 

The Success 

For a large organization that manages a complex, ever-changing schedule, being able to do a simple upload to a website that can be reviewed and edited quickly is incredibly helpful. During the 2021-2022 Season The Hanover Theatre had:  

  • 144 classes 
  • 898 class registrations 
  • 1,060 private lessons 
  • Annual revenue of over $400k

“The on-sale process for the conservatory’s summer semester was the smoothest it has ever been. We went from building every individual class page over a few days to having it done in minutes with the click of a button. I am really pleased with the expertise and responsiveness of the LockData team and can’t wait to work with both LockData and AudienceView on more projects to further drive efficiency across our organization.”  – Lillian Irwin, Ticketing & Data Integration Manager at The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts 

Lock Data Benefits:  

LockData can help with a wide range of WordPress-AV integration use cases. They can also do bespoke integrations between AudienceView and other platforms.