Join the AudienceView Advocate Program

About the Program

The AudienceView Advocate program is dedicated to nurturing a true partnership with our biggest brand ambassadors and champions. By joining a passionate community of engaged clients, Advocates can showcase their personal achievements or successes and inspire others working in our industry, all while helping shape the future of AudienceView.

Why Join

You’re a passionate member of the live events community who has got stories to tell, and we want to hear them. In exchange for being an advocate, here are a few of the benefits:

  • Be the first to get insider information related to your product. Be the first to get insights into the latest developments and get the chance to directly contribute to enhancing our products and services
  • Access special discounted hardware and services.
  • Join us for advocate-only virtual events.
  • Receive special, scheduled check-ins with our solution experts to help you solve any quick business needs you may have.

What Does an Advocate Do?

We want to hear your stories. You will be asked to share your experiences with AudienceView and the greater live events community.

This could involve:

  • Sharing your story for a case study and contributing testimonials or quotes.
  • Providing references or referrals for prospective clients.
  • Participating in events like panel discussions, webinars, or conferences.
  • Facilitating advocacy within your organization.

Join the Advocate Program