College Athletics Ticketing is in our DNA

We provide a comprehensive suite of ticketing and fundraising software to help college athletics departments fulfill their mission. 

The only software you need to run your entire college athletics department


Integrations that matter

Integrates across campus with student ID verification, finance integration and dozens of preferred payment solutions.

20220616_AudienceView_CollegeAthletics_Icons_Customer Insight

Deeper customer insights

Deliver powerful marketing and customer service messages tailored to your fans and their interests, attributes or purchase history. 

20220616_AudienceView_CollegeAthletics_Icons_Ticketing Fundraising

Ticketing & fundraising, together

Sell tickets and solicit donations in the same system to better understand the value of each fan. 

AudienceView is Trusted by 130+ College Athletics Departments

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Connect with the tools you already use on campus 

  • Our single sign-on (SSO) integrations with your school’s authentication system remove the need for unique logins and passwords. 
  • Validate members of your campus community in real-time, offering special ticket perks to students, faculty and staff online. 
  • Seamlessly connect with on-campus payment cards, ERPs and major payment gateways as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay. 


Turn customer data into actionable insights 

  • Easy access to clean, accurate data about your fans that can be used to communicate more intelligently. 
  • Optimize your sales and marketing campaigns with meaningful messages to highly targeted customer segments. 
  • Make customer-centric business decisions to deliver a better fan experience. 
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Capture all ticket sales and donations on one platform  

  • Fundraising efforts are managed alongside ticketing operations, with a donor management platform that’s fully integrated. 
  • All meaningful transactions in one place to better track and reward your most loyal fans. 
  • A unified customer record allows you to deliver truly personalized marketing and proactive customer service. 

Features & benefits of AudienceView Campus

20220616_AudienceView_CollegeAthletics_Icons_Your Brand

Your brand, front and center

Use your school’s branding to create memorable experiences for your fans – before, during and after the event.

20220616_AudienceView_CollegeAthletics_Icons_Easy to Use

Quick to learn, easy to use

Get new staff and students trained to start selling tickets on campus in no time with our intuitive solution.


Powerful CRM, meaningful insight

Seamlessly track transactions, loyalty and event participation in a single database.

20220616_AudienceView_CollegeAthletics_Icons_Data Driven

Data driven decisions, in real time

Clean, accurate data that is used to make better decisions, resulting in reduced business costs and increased revenue. 

20220616_AudienceView_CollegeAthletics_Icons_Reward Loyalty

Track transactions, reward loyalty

A robust priority point management tool allowing your program to grant points based on patron purchase and subsequent attendance. 

20220616_AudienceView_CollegeAthletics_Icons_One Solution

One campus, one solution

Support campus-wide ticketing operations with category-level and event-level permissions for staff, volunteers and students. 

The perfect solution for you

Regardless of your sports organization's size and goals, AudienceView has a solution that will meet your needs.

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AudienceView Campus

AudienceView Campus was built exclusively for the higher education market. Continually tested and enhanced by its network of active colleges and universities, it integrates seamlessly with your existing school authentication systems.

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AudienceView Unlimited

AudienceView Unlimited puts the power in your hands. This fully configurable business solution with game-changing automation provides the valuable insights you need to make your live event organization more successful.

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