It's Time to Upgrade From Theatre Manager

Tired of lackluster reporting and outdated ticketing functionality? We’re the leading Theatre Manager alternative, built for ease-of-use and features that put you in control 

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Growing Arts Organizations Need to Make Smarter Decisions, Faster. Enter AudienceView Professional

We love the performing arts. In fact, we love it so much that over 80% of our 1,900+ AudienceView Professional clients are performing arts venues. That means 1,500 performing arts venues just like yours are using AudienceView Professional every day.  

They’ve chosen AudienceView Professional over Theatre Manager because they know that arts growing organizations need powerful software that’s easy-to-use for everyone at the organization. We focus everyday on building the most feature-rich and intuitive ticketing, fundraising, CRM, marketing, and reporting platform, so that you can focus on the arts.

What clients have to say after upgrading to AudienceView Professional from Theatre Manager:

[AudienceView Professional is] easy to navigate and [has a] great user interface.

White-labelled consumer interface & easy-to-use box-office portal

Customizable package & subscription builder

Mobile, digital, and printed ticketing

Integrated Booking Protection, provided by xCover

Donation, Sales, & Attendance Tracking

Patron Tagging, Categorization, and Relationship Association

CRM Task & Interaction Management

Automated duplicate patron notifications

25+ pre-built reports

Easy Custom Report Creation

Reporting Automation

Dashboards For Sales & Donations Analytics

Universal shopping cart

Easy-to-use campaign builder

Online, box-office, and phone donations

Custom & auto-applied member benefits

Fully white-labelled consumer interface that is mobile responsive

In-app email marketing, MailChimp & Constant Contact integrations

Built-in audience of 2.9m+ through TheaterMania

Custom discount & promotional codes

Human-led, tech-enabled

Self-serve learning portal with 400+ videos & articles

Weekly in-platform “Top Tips”

Critical phone support line

24/7 emergency support


A Partner You Can Trust and Grow With


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organizations have made the move from Theatre Manager to AudienceView Professional

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Reporting for actionable insights

Whether analyzing event attendance, financial metrics, or marketing cohorts – your organization deserves powerful reporting that is easy-to-customize and automated. No more manual pulls of weekly attendance. AudienceView Professional makes setting up automated reports easy, delivering any report, on any cadence, to any audience.

So easy, that our clients have setup 16.5k automated reports in the past year. With 25+ pre-built reports, a real-time analytics dashboard, and an intuitive interface to customize, filter, and build bespoke reports you can spend less time finding the data, and more time using it.

Powerful reporting made easy, with features such as: 

Easy-to-use interface to build bespoke reports in seconds 
Automated reports your organization can rely on
Easy-to-use, real-time analytics dashboard with goal setting & tracking

Flexible Ticketing Features That Sell Out

Putting on a successful live-event can be complicated and difficult. Your ticketing software shouldn’t be.  

That’s why AudienceView Professional empowers clients with the right combination of control and support. No more .SVG file uploads, no more Open Office. Our experts seamlessly build seating maps for you, while you have complete control to adjust pricing tiers and seat availability in real-time, at a performance level.  

Speaking of control, our easy-to-use package & subscription builder enables clients to create completely bespoke packages based on ticket type, not the average ticket price. This means you choose what performances, series, and ticket types are included in flex-packs, regardless of how those are priced to non-members. With all that flexibility, it’s no wonder our clients have seen their package & subscription sales outperform the industry average by nearly 50%, between 2019 & 2022.  

That’s the power of flexible ticketing. That’s the power of AudienceView Professional.  

Sell out more events, with features like: 

Custom seating charts and tiers, adjustable in real-time
Mobile, digital, and printed ticketing
Customizable package & subscription builder
Automated, time-based dynamic pricing
Integrated Booking Protection

Collect and Action Patron Insights, Easier

A powerful CRM is the foundation for a strong relationship with your patrons. Our comprehensive CRM enables you to learn what fuels your patron’s passion for the arts, and deliver them an experience they’ll love. 

Built for ease-of-use and functionality, our CRM is your central hub, providing everything from high-level patron snapshots down to donor outreach tasks. Grow beyond a transactional relationship with your patrons, into a personal one with AudienceView Professional. 

Theatre Manager clients prefer our CRM, with features such as: 

Unified patron profiles with real-time attendee and donor dashboards
Patron-to-patron association and custom tagging capabilities
Task assignment and management 
Automatic duplicate patron record notifications

Support, when you need it

Getting the support your need should be easy. With a customer-satisfaction score of 4.7/5, our clients love our human-led and technology-enabled support. From the moment you start onboarding, you’ll find our support team on standby to meet your needs. We train most new clients in under 1 month, but have done it in as little as 3 days! 

Be confident in the platform and the people, with support that includes: 

Support and customer service whenever you need it
Self-serve learning portal with 300+ videos  
Weekly in-platform “Top Tips”
Critical Phone Support Line
24/7 Emergency Support

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email marketing devices

Access to millions of theatre-goers

Your ticketing software partner should be as passionate about selling your tickets as your are.  

Most ticketing software gives you integrated marketing tools like email and content management. Some ticketing software can support you with marketing & advertising services. Only AudienceView Professional enables you to publish your events more than 2.9 million passionate event goers in-app, for free. Our clients get immediate access to TheaterMania, and discounted full-service marketing including regional targeting and social campaigns.  

Pair that with email marketing integrations like Constant Contact & MailChimp, and you’ll find  

Unlock growth and sell more tickets on AudienceView Professional, with: 

Email marketing integrations with Constant Contact & MailChimp 

TheaterMania access, including: 

2.9 million engaged audience members
1 million average monthly page views
$23 million live-event tickets sold, per month
20% discount on full-service marketing for all clients