Integrated E-Commerce Beyond the Ticket

Increase the average spend per event attendee by offering a seamless, single-platform experience for purchasing tickets, merchandise, and even food and beverages, boosting overall revenue.

Monetize Each Interaction

AudienceView Unlimited unlocks the potential of every interaction with event attendees, turning them into valuable revenue opportunities. From selling auxiliary products effortlessly to strategically upselling and maximizing revenue, this platform elevates events from mere occasions to memorable experiences.

Customize the ticket purchasing experience with seat upgrades, VIP perks, and pre-purchased drinks to drive revenue and enhance the overall experience.

Creating an emotional connection with event-goers can increase spending. Providing exclusive merchandise, seat upgrades, and digital memorabilia can capitalize on their heightened exhilaration, leading to more purchases.

After a live event, attendees are highly influenced by their recent experiences. This is the perfect chance to captivate them, leveraging their heightened emotions to solidify their experience or ignite excitement for their next visit.

Integrated Ticketing and E-Commerce

This goes beyond just ticketing. With fundraising and e-commerce tools, you can monetize your eventgoers at any stage of the customer journey. Sell parking, merchandise, concessions, and more, all from one place. Plus, customers can store their preferred payment method for quick purchases on any device.

Spotlight – Your Branded Mobile App

Launch a white-label mobile app that enhances customer experiences at events. Spotlight delivers tailored offers through push notifications, encouraging spending and enriching the overall event experience. It serves as a beacon for elevated customer interaction, monetizing every touchpoint and boosting event revenue.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Seamlessly integrate your CRM with ticketing and e-commerce, creating engaging events and experiences for members. The combination of CRM and e-commerce fosters connections and promotes long-term relationships. A CNBC report shows that active members of Starbucks Rewards spend three times more than non-members, highlighting the impact of a well-designed loyalty program on customer behavior.


Provide members with exclusive pre-sale access for the best seats, differentiate ticket fees for an enhanced experience, and offer members free ticket exchanges.


Offer exclusive member experiences including venue tours, early access to a VIP bar with discounted drinks, and more. Enhance your event experience with unparalleled opportunities.


Create exclusive ticket packages with added perks for members. Promote these attractive packages during general ticket sales to boost memberships and drive sales.

Parking / Transportation

Improve event accessibility for members with convenient parking options, exclusive discounts, and easily reservable valet services using their loyalty program.


For organizations running multiple businesses in a single instance of Unlimited, there is a secure method to segment your customer database in real-time. This ensures that data is properly segregated while maintaining the highest level of security and efficiency.


Efficiently capture valuable customer segments, including board of directors, legacy donors, and alumni, among others. These key groups enable easy identification and engagement of customer cohorts, enhancing your marketing strategies.

Dynamic Content

Personalize content using real-time CRM data throughout the customer journey. Recommend events, packages, and e-commerce offers. Deliver targeted messages and engaging content.


Discover local hotel partnerships to enhance loyalty schemes and leverage the event economy. Provide exclusive access and privileges to members.

Food & Beverage

Leverage the desire for indulgence in food and beverages during live events, either in your own venue or through local partnerships. Offer member perks that promote increased spending and enhance the curated event experience.

Hale centre

We are delighted at the prospect to connect with patrons through a personalized app, increasing the feeling of being part of an exclusive family of theatre goers. In addition, we are also excited to collect and connect personally with people that attend with the ticket buyer when tickets are shared within the app.