Feed Your Fundraisers

Delight your fundraising staff by discovering and attracting new donors daily. Give your team a comprehensive solution to effortlessly track and manage donor relationships, allowing them to not just about find new donors, but also build beneficial long-term relationships.

Reward Loyalty

By incorporating fundraising into your ticketing and e-commerce solution, you have the opportunity to curate exceptional donor experiences at every stage of your event. Offer them exclusive benefits and unforgettable interactions that bring joy and excitement. And with a real-time donor and benefit scheme, let the platform seamlessly support your team in delivering the meticulously crafted donor experience you have envisioned.

Campaign Management

Structure your fundraising programs effectively with robust campaign management tools, designed to streamline collaboration, optimize communication, and drive donor engagement to new heights.

Donor Benefits

Activate real-time donor benefits upon receipt of pledges and gifts, creating a tailored experience for your donors that extends across ticketing and various events.

Micro Giving

Micro donations play a vital role in sustaining the financial health of any philanthropic organization. Integrate micro giving at the point of ticket purchase to transform an ordinary transaction into a meaningful contribution.

Donor Operations

Streamline your fundraising engine with a powerful suite of tools designed to efficiently manage donor operations, priming your organization for continued success.

Spotlight Mobile App

Embrace the power of the Spotlight Mobile App to capture valuable insights about event attendees you otherwise don’t know. Equip your fundraising team with a continual stream of warm leads, enabling them to engage prospect donors in meaningful ways.

Reporting & Analytics

Unlock the power of real-time data and put it in the hands of your fundraiser team, enabling them to engage with the right donor at the right time with the right message for maximum impact and donor satisfaction.

Driving Donor Value

Your donor retention strategies can bear incredible fruit, as research shows that a repeat donor is worth much more than a one-time donor. According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, the average retention rate for new donors is only around 20%. However, once a donor has given two years in a row, the retention rate jumps to 60%. That makes investing in strategies to create repeat donors a significant game-changer for your organization’s financial health and longevity.

The flexibility of the AudienceView platform allowed us to solve for the unique needs of our unique events. We were able to fully customize and brand the experience for our attendees, from event discovery through the scanning of their ticket – most of which was achieved through automation that is native to the software.

Insights for Your Fundraisers

Introducing Insights, our mobile app revolutionizing fundraisers. Get real-time, actionable data at your fingertips to stay one step ahead. Stay informed about tonight’s attendees, follow key donor activities, and have a live record of campaign successes and donor engagement. With Insights, data-driven decision making is at your fingertips, ensuring you never miss a beat in your fundraising efforts.