A Truly Customer-Centric Platform

AudienceView Unlimited ensures that every interaction is seamlessly linked to the customer, resulting in a personalized and comprehensive experience. It is an ideal solution for organizations aiming to drive customer loyalty and growth while achieving their revenue objectives. This is how we define CRM for live events.

The Importance of Real-Time CRM: A Statistical Insight

A study by Adobe revealed a staggering 79% of consumers say that they are only likely to engage with an offer if it has been personalized, based on previous interactions with the brand. This is where a real-time CRM, like AudienceView Unlimited, can make a significant difference. By delivering personalized experiences in real time, companies can not only retain their customers but also significantly increase their revenue potential.

CRM Built for Live Events

CRM for live events distinctly varies from traditional CRM approaches. This specialized methodology necessitates an in-depth understanding of your customer, their journey, interests, and spending patterns. It requires designing tailored customer interactions not only during the event but also before and after. This full-spectrum engagement goes beyond merely maintaining customer relationships, offering an intimate customer experience that is harmoniously integrated with the ticketing system. By conducting your CRM strategy within the same system used for ticketing, the result is a significantly enhanced, holistic customer experience. This innovative approach not only satisfies your customers but also generates additional revenue for your organization.

Real-Time CRM to Drive Loyalty

AudienceView’s real-time CRM solution enables organizations to track customers from their initial purchase to subsequent events and purchases. This data helps offer personalized rewards and benefits to foster customer loyalty, allowing organizations gain a better understanding of their customer base to provide relevant offers that increase revenue. Real-time insights aid in crafting offers that drive higher conversions and encourage repeat ticket buyers.

CRM Features:

Customer Profiling

Gain deep insights into your customers and craft laser-focused marketing campaigns using real-time data.

Behavioural Scoring

Utilize customer actions to gradually accumulate scores, enabling your marketing efforts to concentrate on the most engaged customers at any given moment.

Customer Activities

Gain a comprehensive perspective on all customer interactions throughout your entire organization. With a centralized platform, effortlessly track and understand key customer engagement with your organization and events.

Customer Memberships, Benefits & Promotions

The key ingredient to guaranteeing the continuous effectiveness of your events, prices, fees, and promotions is their real-time activation, resulting in exceptional customer experiences.


For organizations running multiple businesses in a single instance of Unlimited, there is a secure method to segment your customer database in real-time. This ensures that data is properly segregated while maintaining the highest level of security and efficiency.


Efficiently capture valuable customer segments, including board of directors, legacy donors, and alumni, among others. These key groups enable easy identification and engagement of customer cohorts, enhancing your marketing strategies.

Dynamic Content

Personalize content using real-time CRM data throughout the customer journey. Recommend events, packages, and e-commerce offers. Deliver targeted messages and engaging content.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Develop a variety of loyalty programs that enable customers to accumulate points based on their actions, fostering long-term loyalty while unlocking immediate perks that drive deeper engagement and encourage increased spending.

Customer Service & Delight

Effortlessly manage your customer service within AudienceView, seamlessly capturing vital information during customer interactions. This data helps build comprehensive customer profiles over time, fostering long-lasting relationships for your business.

Create Marketing Heroes

An integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system like AudienceView Unlimited provides an invaluable resource for marketers. By collecting granular data from customer interactions, it creates a fertile ground for marketing campaigns to flourish. The richness of customer profiles formed from this data gives marketers a significant head-start, as they are equipped with a profound understanding of their event attendees’ needs, preferences, and behaviors. This level of insight allows for precise targeting, personalized messaging, and effective campaign design, enabling marketing efforts to resonate deeply with the audience, thus driving engagement and ultimately, business growth.

The flexibility of the AudienceView platform allowed us to solve for the unique needs of our unique events. We were able to fully customize and brand the experience for our attendees, from event discovery through the scanning of their ticket – most of which was achieved through automation that is native to the software.