Make Better Decisions. Faster.

Get an analytics suite that streamlines your decision-making process and the confidence to take on the role of a decision maker, knowing that your choices are backed by solid, data-driven evidence.

Analytics at all Levels

Whether you hold the position of CEO or oversee ticketing operations, AudienceView Unlimited offers powerful analytics tools that provide you with the information you require, precisely when you need it, and in a format tailored to your role. This ensures that you can make well-informed decisions and optimize your performance effectively.

Introducing Insights: Your Mobile Decision-Making Companion

Insights is a mobile app that empowers decision makers in live event organizations. It provides curated insights, real-time sales progress, and performance metrics to help you make informed decisions and steer your sales trajectories effectively. Transform your phone into a mobile command center and make data-driven decisions with Insights.

Personalized Dashboards

Every single member of your organization is greeted with a dashboard upon login, a tool designed to make their job easier and more efficient. These dashboards are teeming with valuable, role-specific data that aid in everyday tasks, from monitoring performance metrics to planning marketing strategies. Whether it’s a call center agent or the marketing director, everyone starts their day with the information they need right at their fingertips. This personalized approach ensures that each task is managed effectively, and every decision is informed, and data driven.

Robust Reporting Engine

AudienceView Unlimited comes packed with hundreds of core reports right out of the box, each offering an infinite level of configuration to suit your unique needs. You can save your customized reports, and schedule them to be delivered at a frequency of your choosing. A broad range of formats, from HTML to CSV, JSON to PDF, are supported to ensure compatibility with your workflow. For advanced organizations seeking greater customization, we even provide access to the code for these reports, paving the way for you to build and standardize your own reports based on our robust framework.

Business Intelligence: Your Ultimate Data Playground

No analytics suite is complete without a custom query engine, and AudienceView Unlimited is no exception. We’ve meticulously designed a comprehensive platform that allows you to build any type of data view you could possibly imagine, using any object that exists in the database. Whether it’s CRM reports, ticketing reports, or fundraising insights, all the information you need is readily available at your fingertips. Unleash the power of agile data manipulation and elevate your decision-making process to new heights with our custom query engine.

All Objects

Access any business object available in the database to use as a base to build your query. This includes events, tickets, customers, memberships, offers, articles, payments, service charges and more.

Extract, Transform Load (ETL)

Efficiently migrate, transform, and load data from multiple sources into a database for effective decision-making. This process ensures accurate, consistent, and relevant data, providing a competitive edge through swift, data-driven decisions.


Automate your designs with the engine. Schedule reports, modify database records, and run your business seamlessly, even while you sleep.

Range of Formatting

Pick your favorite acronym. HTML, CSV, PDF, text, JSON, XML are all at your disposal for any custom query you create.


Let the data from the system work for you, by designing formulas in your queries that extract and display metrics that your business can use to drive action. Output fields from formulas can then be used as search queries for your business.

Saved Searching

More than simply a query engine, Business Intelligence is the backbone of all searching infrastructure in AudienceView Unlimited. Create focused default searches for your team across the board, making it simple to find exactly what someone is looking for.

Google Integration: Optimize Your E-Commerce Funnel

AudienceView Unlimited seamlessly integrates with Google to give you the power of Google Tag Manager at your fingertips. This tight-knit integration aids in optimizing your e-commerce funnel by providing critical insights into user behavior and engagement. You can quickly identify areas of improvement, track conversions, and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. With Google Tag Manager’s robust capabilities incorporated into AudienceView Unlimited, you can truly understand and enhance your customer journey, ensuring maximum conversion and profitability.