Enhancing Revenue with AudienceView Professional: Navigating the Future of Donations

AudienceView Professional, a live-event software, has helped clients achieve their goals of selling more tickets, growing packages and subscriptions, and increasing donations. Despite industry challenges, AudienceView Professional clients have rebounded successfully and outperformed industry averages in various areas, including ticket sales, subscription growth, and donation increase, thanks to the platform's features and tools.

The world of fundraising is changing, and we’re here to help you stay ahead. Every industry has its go-to tools, and when it boils down to enhancing donation revenue within the live events space, AudienceView Professional is the secret weapon chosen time and time again. 

With over 25 years in the game and partnerships with 2100+ organizations across North America, we’re more than just a platform. And guess what? Our community of clients are setting the standard for others to follow. 

Remember our report from last year that got everyone talking? Well, we’ve got some exciting news! Despite some setbacks in the broader charity sector, our clients – big and small – are experiencing donation revenue growth. 

According to a 2023 report created by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, donor counts, and retention rates have dipped. While we can’t wait to see how the industry recovers (and we know it will), we’re excited to announce our findings for this year.  

AudienceView Professional clients have defied the trend, achieving a remarkable 7% growth in donation revenue. This isn’t just about bouncing back post-COVID; It’s about seeing outstanding results, especially for clients in their 1st and 2nd years with our platform. It’s a performance that feels almost Guinness World Records-worthy! 

*Data taken from cohort of clients between 2022 and 2023 

Why AudienceView Professional Is a Game Changer for Fundraising: 

The Results:  

  • A 7% increase in donation revenue 
  • Over $140M in processed client donations 

You’ve seen the results. Now, let’s explore how our clients got there: 

  1. Personalized Engagement: Imagine a world where every donor feels like they’re a top priority. That’s the kind of experience you can offer on our customizable donation pages. By tailoring messaging and design elements, each donor is sure to feel valued from the moment they land on the page. 
  1. Smart Insights: Now we know data is the new and cool thing, but it’s not just about collecting it. Understanding it also matters a great deal. We help you dive into what drives your donors with tools for segmentation and behaviour analysis. Use these to build strategies that resonate across donor categories. 
  1. Reach & Impact: Donation revenue isn’t just about asking for money; it’s about creating movements. We assist you in crafting messages that not only reach your audience but also convert them from one-time donors to long term supporters. 

Our clients, from performing arts organizations to museums, are exceeding their targets. You can read what some have to say on our reviews page

Take for instance, the Black Ensemble Theater (BET) in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Known for its diverse musical theater that champions unity and combats racism, BET aimed to enhance their revenue streams and broadened audience participation. In partnering with AudienceView Professional, they were able to introduce innovative revenue generating opportunities like “Own Your Own Seat” and personalized actor interactions, fostering inclusivity and access. 

Their tailored campaigns and donor-friendly features like customizable donation amounts and tiered benefits led to a 107% revenue growth from 2022-2023, with a 63% increase in donation revenue and a 210% increase in ticketing revenue. 

Curious about how a combining the best live events software and genuine passion can elevate your donation revenue, why not see it in action? No sales pitch here – just an invitation to explore what using AudienceView Professional is like. 

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