Cabaret Seating for Comedy Clubs

Comedy clubs need modern ticketing solutions for a seamless online buying experience. AudienceView's reserved seating functionality offers a solution.

We visit comedy clubs to laugh because it feels good and relieves stress.

Unfortunately, the process to purchase tickets to experience a night of comedy is often the first joke we experience. Comedy clubs are notorious for having websites that have a GeoCities look to them. And online ticket purchase experiences that are complicated, clunky and cumbersome – or worse, nonexistent.

Consumers want a checkout process that is fast, efficient and convenient – and many comedy clubs haven’t properly invested in box office ticketing software that allows them to deliver a modern online ticket buying experience.

The complex nature of the cabaret-style seating used by many comedy clubs is often cited as the chief reason why most don’t sell tickets online or avoid offering reserved seating.

These clubs just don’t have the ticketing technology to build a seat map that reflects the layout of their venue AND one that can then be used by customers to select their own seats during the buy flow.

Comedy clubs that use the AudienceView Professional ticketing platform are able to offer their customers a modern purchase flow that features a sophisticated cabaret-style pick-a-seat experience, thanks to our best-in-class reserved seating functionality.

The benefits for comedy clubs to offer a cabaret-style pick-a-seat experience are numerous, including:

  • Increased number of advanced ticket sales due to a superior self-serve online buying experience.
  • Consumers can choose their seat based on factors that are important to them like price, location, style or relationship to the stage.
  • Ability for staff to quickly walk guests to their pre-selected seats, rather than seating people on the fly.

AudienceView Professional’s reserved seating functionality allows venues to customize all elements of the seat map, including:

  • Pricing per seat, table, section or a combination of all elements.
  • Customized price levels that can be used to describe the seat type, price point or both.
  • Use of different seating and table styles – round, rectangular, counters, etc. – to accurately reflect the room setup.
  • Ability to add accessible seats that are clearly marked with a unique color and symbol.
  • Custom images that can be added to the map to illustrate obstructions like walls and pillars or unique venue layouts.