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The live events industry is a bastion of ingenuity and we think AudienceView’s clients are among the most creative. 

Since the start of COVID-19 and the closure of most in-person events, hundreds (if not thousands) of AudienceView clients have been using the already existing functionality and flexibility of our software solutions to sell tickets for streamed events, classes, workshops and fundraisers. Many of these organizations have also taken advantage of the unique access that AudienceView clients have to TheaterMania to attract new attendees and supporters from outside of their usual audience base. Some are even reporting new global attendees, which is extremely exciting. This supports the findings in our study “The Patrons Perspective”, which revealed that 77.7% of respondents had watched streamed events and 60% were open to paying for that content.

We are only weeks away from releasing the first phase of our previously announced integrated streaming functionality across our full product line (AudienceView Professional, Campus and Unlimited). In the meantime, we are excited to highlight the strong core functionality in our products — as well as the unique and creative ways our clients are using AudienceView solutions to generate revenue during the pandemic.

AudienceView Professional (formerly known as OvationTix)

AudienceView Professional’s custom labels series descriptions and customizable ticket types ensure your customers know that an event is virtual and delivery methods such as receipt-only or e-ticket that can be emailed/sent electronically, giving them peace of mind that they’ve completed their purchase correctly. 

Pre-show and post-show emails allow you to send links, passwords and event information to purchasers at your ideal time. And the “Who’s Coming” list allows you to check off attendees to ensure only paid guests are admitted to your event. 

AudienceView Professional’s pricing functionality can also facilitate suggested price levels as The Working Theater has done, from $0 for those having “stress about meeting basic needs” to $100 for those with savings or an expendable income who are willing to pay it forward.

This is just a small selection of the organizations using AudienceView Professional to sell tickets to their virtual events:

AudienceView Campus (formerly known as UTIX or UniversityTickets)

It’s exciting to see so many of our 1,000+ higher education clients leveraging the capabilities of AudienceView Campus to support their streamed events.

We’ve added a feature that allows you to create a customized email for a streaming event, including event URL and password, that can be shared with patrons upon purchase or at a scheduled time  according to your preference.

Custom labels allow you to change a “Get Tickets” button to “Get Streaming Access” or something more appropriate. And custom delivery methods can be created to notate a virtual event rather than delivering a ticket to the patron. You can also recommend the attendee add a donation or a gift certificate in the shopping cart to drive more revenue. (Click here for a 5 minute demo of the current AudienceView Campus streaming functionality).

Here are a few examples of  AudienceView Campus clients leveraging our software to sell their virtual events:

AudienceView Unlimited (formerly known as AudienceView)

AudienceView Unlimited is our enterprise offering and most feature-rich platform. You can see how the robust capabilities of this product are brought to life in the successes that organizations are having in bringing their virtual events to life.

The ease of setting up and flexibility to configure event types have made this pivot simple to execute for these institutions. With the ability to embed links directly into ticket templates and confirmation emails, the consumer experiences a seamless transaction. As well, our API has allowed several clients to build custom integrations, including the Vancouver International Film Festival and the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.

Additional examples of AudienceView Unlimited clients who are selling virtual events and experiences are:

So what’s coming next?

In the first stage, we’re integrating with a full-service streaming platform, providing a turn-key solution for virtual events. Right after that, we’ll upgrade pre- and post-show emails, enabling our clients to easily send web links to ticket buyers to access any web page hosting the online event. We’ll take care of adding unique tokens to the URLs. We’ll also provide a plug-in widget to be added to any web page to validate the tokens and control access to any embeddable media player. And we can’t WAIT to show you what’s coming after that… although we will (but we’re thrilled that we’ll have even more good news to share in the new year!).

If you are an AudienceView client and want to learn more about our current capabilities, please look in your product’s Knowledge Base for how-to’s. Keep an eye on your email and newsletters for announcements about new functionality releases and join us at our next ‘What’s New’ webinar to see it in action. Remember, AudienceView clients are eligible for exclusive offers via TheaterMania and WhatsOnStage to help grow your (streaming OR in-person) audience. 

If you’re not yet part of the AudienceView family, learn all about our products and offerings on or schedule a demo with one of our Sales Team members to learn more.

And if you’re a theater fan, we encourage you to watch any of the shows above, or follow TheaterMania to see our weekly articles on what to watch online.

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