5 Ways to Improve Your Gameday Experience

Gameday is special and unforgettable. It’s a chance to forget the real world and watch something amazing unfold – whether you’re at the game or cheering from your couch.

Schools, teams and organizations put unbelievable focus and energy into creating an unforgettable gameday experience, doing everything they can to ensure fans have a great time and choose to return.

From college athletics in the U.S. to football in the UK and Formula One racing in Asia, AudienceView Unlimited helps our customers around the world create even more memorable gameday experiences.

Here are six tips to incorporate into your business:

1. Always prepare for the win

Go into each gameday assuming a win or a new record.

Then, plan accordingly to optimize the success you can create for your business. Think of your team like a stock – sell high!

Here are some ideas:

  • Position photographers to capture commercially fruitful moments.
  • Be prepared with a campaign to first-time attendees who just witnessed something amazing.
  • Offer a framed photo of students rushing the court as people are driving home from the game.


2. Run a targeted campaign on gameday, when fans’ emotions are high.

The 40-something father experiences a game much differently than a recent, 20-something graduate. But they both love your team. Use that to your advantage, but speak to them differently.

Run targeted campaigns – not the same offer to your entire fan base. Whether you solicit donations, offer tickets to the next event or try to increase kid’s club registrations, make sure you have something for everyone.

3. Treat people differently. Treat individuals the same.

Are you making sure your key fans and donors have the same experience through each touch point on gameday? Is your staff equipped with this knowledge?

From the ticket office to ushers, concessions to parking lots, your fans don’t see different departments as separate entities.

Do your best to see fans as the same individual whether they are buying a ticket, a hot dog, a parking pass or simply entering the stadium.

4. Collect data. Store it in one place.

Whether you are collecting raffle entries, summer camp interest, guest services issues or providing free Wi-Fi for fans, think of data as a currency and find a way to capture it efficiently. Once you have the data, make sure it lives in one place where it can be used effectively.

Get it. Store it. Use it. Pretty simple.

5. Increase average spend.

Move away from the macro approach to revenue growth and go micro!

If each fan in a 70,000-seat stadium spends $5 more on gameday, that’s $350,000 in additional gross revenue.

Work through the first five items on this list and you’ll be on your way:

  • Prepare and capitalize on winning.
  • Be targeted in your ask.
  • Reproduce the catered experience for all touch points with a key fan.
  • Collect more data and find ways to use it more efficiently.
  • Start gameday earlier, allowing more time to increase fan spending.

Implement these behaviors within your organization and you’ll find gameday becomes much more profitable.

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