Navigating a New Landscape: Insights on Attendee Behavior

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At AudienceView, we love live entertainment as much as you do. We recently surveyed nearly 2,300+ TheaterMania subscribers to find out what makes event-goers tick.

Our survey results provide a wealth of information on how audiences discover events, what factors they consider important when choosing to attend a production, and their preferred methods for purchasing and receiving tickets. We’ve analyzed this data to provide useful recommendations for anyone looking to improve their ticketing processes, optimize their marketing strategies, enhance patron relationships, and ultimately increase revenue.

Audience Demographics

Event attendance

Audience Trends

Patron Journey

Donation Behaviors

Ticket Protections

And More

We believe that our findings and key takeaways will help you better understand your audience and make informed decisions to improve their experience. We’re excited to share our insights with you and hope you find them useful in enhancing your ticketing processes and building stronger relationships with your patrons.


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