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Easily find and convert non-donors

Create journeys that identify and cultivate non-donors to become recurring donors and advocates. With powerful historical activity timelines and donation tracking, all your key donor data is at your fingertips. Using donor profiles, you can drill down to potential donors at individual level, or run reports that segment based on previous activity and engagement.

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Flexible fundraising tools

Features like one-time gifts and recurring donations, while also supporting pledges, soft credits, and matching gifts are all available. Easily configure these and more to get your campaign launched and ready to start attracting donors. Deliver a custom thank you email based on the donation campaign and amount. Allow your patrons to log in and view their previous donations and manage any upcoming recurring donations.


Detailed donor profiles

Being able to connect your donor data with your ticket sales data is important but sometimes it helps to look at them separately. Enter donor profiles. Donor profiles are populated with all the great data and information you’ve acquired via your fundraising efforts. You can also connect all your donor information with all other activities and interactions from subscribers and ticket buyers over time. This single view of your customer is presented right in front of you, with all the information you need to create a great fundraising machine.

Link individuals to households

You can see all your patrons as individuals or you can combine them and roll them up into a household. A household profile gives you a view of sales, donations, and potential donations of all patrons within a household (while still maintaining individual profiles).

All transactions, tasks, notes can be viewed on the individual level, or as an aggregated household. The profiles offer a full cumulative view and value of households and members while getting a better understanding of how the members interact with your organization as a group.


Powerful reporting and analytics

From financial reports based on gift size to donation revenue by campaign, AudienceView Professional’s reporting and analytics can help you make sense of your business. You also can look at historical data and year over year trends to find new donors. Take your reports one step further by using them to create CRM follow up tasks or audiences to add to your next big campaign push.

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Responsive and timely training and support

While using and getting started is easy, we know each organization is unique and you will have questions. Within AudienceView Professional, you will have all the tools you need to be successful. We offer in-product tips, over 600 on-demand videos and articles, and a step-by-step online training program. We also host regular ask an expert sessions where you and hundreds of other community members can learn how other similar organizations are successfully using AudienceView Professional.


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