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All-in-one CRM and Ticketing

Your customer relationship management tool is only as good as the data that it can capture. That’s why all purchases are captured and fed directly into a patron profile. Having a CRM that connects seamlessly with your ticket sales and fundraising data is critical for any live event organization.

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Profiles that scale with your needs

To start, knowing some general information about your patrons is important. From their name to gender pronoun to job title, these are the building blocks of any CRM. In addition, you can easily see all previous purchases, donations, and answers to any buying checkout questions you have asked. You can also do more sophisticated operations like linking patrons to other patrons who have a relationship, or can add custom tags unique to your organization. This can be a powerful tool when thinking about your next fundraising campaign.

And as you know, sometimes data can get messy. That’s where our powerful duplicate finding tool can help you find and clean up duplicate records.

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Enhanced donor profiles

Being able to connect your donor data with your ticket sales data is important but sometimes it helps to look at them separately. Enter donor profiles. Donor profiles are populated with all the great data and information you’ve acquired via your fundraising efforts. Donor target tags and readiness tags allow you to move a patron through a funnel.

You can also sync your donor information with all other subscriber or ticket buyer activities and interactions. This single view of your customer is presented right in front of you, with all the information you need to create a great fundraising machine and effective moves management process.

Report and analyze on all our CRM data

Having a CRM to house all of your key data is critical to properly report and analyze your business. All your patron ticket sales, donations, and merchandise data is simple to capture and view in AudienceView Professional. You can even customize your reports based on tags or only the attributes you care about. Easily see who your most valuable patrons are or where opportunity exists to run a new donor campaign.

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Manage your organization with task management tools

With a CRM full of data, it’s important to make sure you are putting that to good use for you and your staff. Schedule tasks, both bulk or one-off, capture interactions with your prospects, and turn those interactions into private notes only available for you to see. Assign tasks to your team based on all types of customer activity and immediately turn them into fundraising or ticket subscription sale opportunities.

Link individuals to households

You can see all your patrons as individuals or you can combine them and roll them up into a household. A household profile gives you a view of sales, donations, and potential donations of all patrons within a household (while still maintaining individual profiles). All transactions, tasks, notes can be viewed on the individual level, or as an aggregated household. The profiles offer a full cumulative view of all household members and a better understanding of how the members interact with your organization as a group.


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Responsive and timely training and support

While using and getting started is easy, we know each organization is unique and you will have questions. Within AudienceView Professional, you will have all the tools you need to be successful. We offer in-product tips, over 600 on-demand videos and articles, and a step-by-step online training program. We also host regular ask an expert sessions where you and hundreds of other community members can learn how other similar organizations are successfully using AudienceView Professional.

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