Connecting You With Every Audience Member, in Real-Time

Spotlight is a real-time app experience with your brand front and center, that delivers the right message at the right time to grow revenue and convert one-time attendees into returning event-lovers.

Already Live in the World's Biggest Venues

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Offer Attendees What They Want, Beyond Just a Ticket

Leverage powerful attendee and event data to deliver content and drive the number and size of transactions. 

Deliver push notifications based on real-time event data

Curate offers for custom audience segments 

Engage with users before, during, and after events

Know Your Entire Audience

The average number of tickets sold per transaction for AudienceView Unlimited clients is 2.7. This means that you don’t have data on 2/3 of your customers. They are ghosts to you.

AudienceView Spotlight creates data-rich profiles on every attendee and actively engages these ‘ghost’ customers, increasing revenue by up to 35%.

Don't Just Produce an Event, Deliver the Whole Experience

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Make Attendees Fall in Love With Your Event Experience

Grow memberships and subscriptions by identifying and targeting high-potential attendees with personalized messaging and offers.

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