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Digonex offers dynamic pricing solutions that provide automated, data-driven pricing technology of a caliber that was previously only available to the largest corporations.

With dynamic pricing solutions tailored to fit the unique needs of Performing Arts, Attractions, and Entertainment organizations, Digonex have been consistently delivering strong results for clients and have shown that double-digit percentage growth in revenue in the first year of dynamic pricing is common.

  • Industry-Leading Science: The algorithms that power Digonex solutions are developed by a team of Ph.D. economists. This allows Digonex clients to benefit from leading-edge science supported by two decades of research and development in dynamic pricing. Digonex’s proprietary technologies have been awarded six patents to date.
  • Flexible Pricing Approach: Effective pricing strategy is about more than just near-term revenue maximization. Digonex solutions are customized to balance revenue growth with your other vital objectives such as community accessibility, managing attendance to desired levels, and long-term customer loyalty.
  • Clients Retain Control: Digonex's pricing solutions supplement rather than replace their clients’ experience and market knowledge. Digonex integrates client-specified constraints and pricing rules directly into their solutions. Digonex clients can accept, reject or modify our price recommendations through our easy-to-use web portal.
  • Service As Great As The Science: Digonex's team works closely with you every step of the way from solution design to implementation, and stays with you for the duration of the work. There is always a real human to talk to and our economists are continuously refining their pricing solutions over time as additional market data is gathered.