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Bluefin helps you process, defend, and devalue sensitive information that’s exchanged protecting you and your customers when breaches happen.

  • Reduce PCI Scope: With P2PE, a merchant can reduce PCI DSS compliance burden by 70%.
  • Defend All Sensitive Data With One Solution: An integrated suite of P2PE, tokenization, 3DS, and Account Updater capabilities ensure your PCI, PII, and PHI data is protected and rendered useless if compromised.
  • Meet Evolving Privacy Regulations: Stay ahead of state-specific and global laws with ease.
  • Grow Revenue With Omni-Channel Customer Payment Experiences: Securely capture sales wherever your customer is for a seamless experience.
  • Protect Your Brand: Ensure your brand stays in tact in the event of a breach because your customer data is safeguarded.