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For commencement event leaders looking to improve and control their live event effortlessly, AudienceView Grad is the only end-to-end ticketing solution of its kind that succeeds without fail.

Manage commencement ticketing like a pro

There’s a lot more to your day to day than managing ticketing. Always adapting to your changing needs, AudienceView Grad (formerly known as UGRAD by UniversityTickets) was created specifically to help you manage ticketing for commencement and graduation events – safely and securely.

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Why choose AudienceView Grad

Exclusively for Higher Education

Created as a solution to the traditional paper ticket system for commencement events, AudienceView Grad is the only proven custom solution for commencement events around the world.

Top Marks from Top Schools

Many of North America’s most renowned universities and colleges have adopted AudienceView Grad, distributing over one million commencement tickets annually.

Complete Customization

Customize the branding throughout your ticketing experience, including everything from the instructions and confirmations to the tickets themselves.


Advanced Automation

Working with your existing authentication system, there’s no need for unique logins or passwords. Instead, students are recognized by their student IDs, giving them real-time access.


Trusted Security

On campus, peace of mind is important. Each ticket you sell will come with a unique barcode that eliminates the risk of duplicate tickets getting through.

Features and benefits

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Real-Time Attendee Tracking

See instant attendance counts and track individual ticket holders to their entry time and gate of admission

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Named Ticket Holders

Have students provide names for each of their guests, and include this on individual tickets for total accountability

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Mass Exit Scanning

Evacuate your venue and reactivate all guest tickets for return admission in the event of inclement weather or a security threat

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