COVID-19 Impact on the Arts: An Overview of Buying Behavior and a Timeline to Return to Theaters


In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, TheaterMania (an AudienceView consumer brand) surveyed thousands of members of their online community, both early in the COVID-19 crisis and again in December 2020, to understand how this on-going health crisis is impacting their behavior and consumption of performing arts.

Generated from the survey results, this session led by Kara Parkinson (VP of Marketing at AudienceView) will assist performing arts organizations of all sizes in driving revenue during our industry intermission, and with their preparations for the reopening of theaters. 

The study and session aims to uncover the new behaviors of theater-goers, including opinions of the safety protocols that make patrons most comfortable, motivations and timelines to return to theaters, near-term spending intent, propensity to pay for virtual events, plus pricing information in support of lost revenue caused by reduced capacity.

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