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As the go-to ticketing, marketing and fundraising platform that hundreds of organizations count on, AudienceView Professional is reliable, easy-to-use and can handle everything from the largest on-sales to engaging with important customers.

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Why are you making this change?

On July 14th, 2020, we announced a strategic innovation plan in response to the disruption of COVID. It explains our platform approach to building solutions for the market as well as innovation we must invest in to keep you - our valued clients - leading the way across live events as you reopen your business. We are really excited about our strategy and it’s something we simply must progress forward.

That innovation, however, comes at a cost. As our strategy progressed, it became clear that not all of our core ticketing products should be built into our future state. When we mapped out our vision of the future, we knew we’d need products that are reliable, adaptable, and future proof. To do that, we’ve decided to deprecate some legacy software, including AudienceView Select (Vendini), our legacy AudienceView Unlimited platform (Version 6) and Boxxo. We need to do this to make room to build the features and solutions you'll need to be successful in a future where live events are forever changed.

When will you be shutting down AudienceView Select (Vendini)?

Clients have already started migrating and will continue throughout 2020. You’ll hear directly from the Migration team to discuss your organization’s timing.

Is my price staying the same?

It's our goal to create a structure that keeps your pricing inline with what you have paid on average the past few years, and possibly less expensive. We ask for your patience while we validate your pricing over the next few weeks while you learn more about your upgrade. When your customized pricing is ready to review, we will send it right to your inbox along with your complete proposal.

Do I need a new contract?

Yes. As you'll be upgrading from AudienceView Select (Vendini) to AudienceView Professional, you'll receive an order form with the new terms that reflect our go-forward relationship. Your relationship remains with the AudienceView family of products.

What training resources will our team have access to? Are there additional fees?

Our Product Knowledge team has built an extensive onboarding and training program with hundreds of new articles, videos and other curriculum to ensure you and your team are confident in your ability to get the most out of your AudienceView product. There is no charge for this training content.

Will my current events/packages be automatically populated in the new software?

Yes. Our Client Engagement team will be reaching out to you to talk about timing. When it's time to make the change, we have developed tools (backed up by our outstanding team of professionals) who will make the transition as seamless as possible.

What happens to tickets I've already sold to events after my upgrade window?

As part of the transition process, we'll migrate all of your future events along with the associated ticket data to your new AudienceView Professional account. This will ensure that from day one you can manage all of your events in your new account.

What are my email marketing options in the new software?

AudienceView Professional includes functionality to send personalized pre and post show emails, which supports what many of our AudienceView Select (Vendini) were using the Vendini email system for. For those currently sending additional communications via the AudienceView Select (Vendini) system, you will need to explore the third-party email software offerings that integrate with Professional and work with our API. You may qualify for a free tool from MailChimp, and Constant Contact has discounts for nonprofits. We’re evaluating additional partnerships and we’ll continue to keep you posted via our newsletter, emails and Client Success team.

Do I need new equipment?

It depends on what equipment you have, and what your plans are once you've upgraded to AudienceView Professional.

I use Website Manager to host my site, do I need a new site provider?

AudienceView Professional will plug into your website, but there won't be a built-in website manager.

Will the migration of future sales from AudienceView Select to AudienceView Professional result in us incurring fees associated with reprocessing these transactions?

No, the future sales will be processed using a custom payment method. Our Finance team will exclude all fees that result from transactions processed using this custom payment method.

Do you have a question we haven't answered? 

Learn even more about upgrading to AudienceView Professional on our Client Education page.


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